Honestly one of the more fun days i've had in a long time. I didn't plan on leaving my house for the day but I ended up going to treat myself to Taco Bell for lunch (my favorite!).
On the way home, I took the highway and came across a Bentley, and i noticed he was dipping an weaving through the traffic...so naturally i had to join him. We ended up playing in traffic for the next 20 min, and my little Nissan was able to keep up. I ended up passing him due to the luck of a car blocking him into right lane. we looked at each other and we both were laughing and smiling. he waved at me and we ended up parting ways when my exit came up.
This was the most fun i've had in a really long time. I love driving, and going fast, and being able to maneuver my car in traffic with ease. And the fact that someone was having fun with me made it even better.

Shout out to the guy in the Bentley with the taco on his license plate.