Nom nom and such. cat_3nodding

All is good at the moment, just a tad sore from certain lifting things. cat_rofl You get it? No? cat_sweatdrop Anyway, it's just another one of those days so don't judge tooooo much.

Got some bottled peach tea and some water. I do have some instant ramen. I think the package says

I can't read kanji yet. It has a pciture though and what I believe saysz ihfub 5 minutes.
Also the icon for burnable for the top and plastic for the bowl.

Not much else is going on. Getting tired flof flying. cat_xp Also I like foowd and such. Beep boop microwave. Argh everything is so sooore! Don't mind my mispellingz.

The time now is 6 after midnight. I was sleeping ost of the day so it's fine. I know i havemt been posting too much, just mainy cause ive been busy. I do work whatcha talking about. Also feel free to ceck me out on soundcloud cause i make music and such just look for minrithx.

That aside, I also do gaming and all that jazz. not really jazz but i'm sure you know what i mean. I think the first mmo I did was RuneScape, mostly cause I had dial up back when... Whatcha talking abotu I'm not old, shush cat_blaugh

I should probably throw the kettle on and eat this ole ramen noodles. cat_wink