This is the general plot outline to Fairy Tails.

Prologue: We meet a young girl in a cabin in the woods. She is studying medicine with some old lady. However, she discovers that the old lady is an evil witch with a grudge against the royal family. She watches in horror as her mentor casts a spell, cursing all in the land and sentencing them to terrible deaths. With a burst of adrenaline, the young girl shoves her mentor into the fire wood stove before the spell is completed. She tries to reverse it, but given her beginner magic skills, she can only delay the affects of the spell by ten years. She then runs outside of the cabin and into the forest, seeking to reach the royal castle and warn the king and queen. However, she realizes the entire forest has been turned to candy, and no matter how far she goes, she is bound to the forest and the cabin.


We open at the bustling inn, and we meet our MC, Ella. She hates her life, as she is forced to work tirelessly at her stepmother's inn. Her stepsisters are bullies and frankly, complete bitches. Her father died already and all she has left is a cute cat charm necklace that he gifted her.

One day, a magical beanstalk erupts out of the inn's vegetable garden. There, Ella meets Jake (not Jack, lmao), who claims to have accidentally tossed some magical seeds (which he traded in exchange for a stuffed animal cow) over his shoulder and caused the beanstalk to grow. In an effort to avoid her stepmother (and push the plot forward) Ella climbs the beanstalk and Jake follows.

Soon, they reach a world as high as the cloud, but there exists a concrete path to walk on. They head down and run into a scary-looking metal gate. There, sits a young boy with swan wings, Oda. He claims to be waiting for the two Chosen Ones who will free the Land from the Curse bestowed upon them by an evil witch that once lived in the candy forest (and died before she could reverse it).