Update with six bionics.

Aisha - Middle eastern, wears a hijab as she was raised by priests (despite not really buying into the whole 'religion' thing). Bionic arms, has super strength. She usually wears a wristwatch that has a built-in shield that can be summoned by her voice or by a click of a button. She's the leader and probably the toughest of the bionics -- she takes everything very seriously and has a hard time relaxing.

Sung-Min - Korean, his appearance is inspired by those fancy kpop stars. He's very outgoing and charming, and LOVES talking to people and exploring the world. He always wants to do the right thing and tries to make everyone happy. Electrical currents run through his body -- he is essentially a very good conductor and can re-channel the currents to other objects without, well, dying.

Brooklyn - Of questionable Latin descent, Brooklyn likes to present herself like the "average American girl". Her enthusiasm and energy is best matched by Sung-Min, though she is more of a risk-taker than he is. She is passionate, but can be aggressive towards others and often panics in intimate situations (yikes, talking about feelings!). She can mend her body and bone structure on will, given that what she transforms to holds her weight. Her favourite forms are Gorilla arms (best strength for smashing things!), metal frame (bulletproof!), and stretching her limbs like some movie character she liked as a kid.