NT today:
- my tone is sounding really pinched, especially for the Sonata. It kind of sounded like that when i played the first movement of the duet, idk if im just scared or if my tone needs work or what it is at this point, because i think i sound pretty good for hungarian fantasy. CT: it might just be that im out of practice rn and i need to work through the slow sections again and get them back up to tempo and focus on getting the slow sections to be musical/expressive/pretty so the notes don't split and maybe not worry about the dynamics rn too much until the tone/musicality is back. idk.
-my part in the trio is fine
-my part in the orchestra duet is also fine
-i really need to clean up those leonore runs (and tune because i was hella out with my section and with the ducks today). CT: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm i did ok for symphonic dances
-im tired, im still worried about 412 cuz idk what a DFT is but im sure i can bs my way thru this. CT: meeting upper yr tmr to work on the assignment, hopefully it will be ok. i still have ramsay's conference paper and i can use that as a template.