I had heard a man say on here - life shall seek out God to destroy its purpose or source form. Do they not understand? It is then to find out they do partially the attributes of life. But on his own accord, I pray for protection good and vitality to teach one to me rather than destroy everyone in the process. I have sought in it an answer referring to a source and life is a protectorate to life yet at the same time a piece and given individuality.

A vain man who seeks conspiracy of the Lord, bring forth his or her own destruction at the cost of the expense of life. For man and life rebuke the seeker of manipulators of truth to that of life control.

Regardless, if man's heart is far from God, it cannot hear him but they expect a physical form. And if it can, it is like the angelic rebel of old to wisdom's inheritance and the two counteract in opposition as ions. Where is the stabilization among you O people and myself with idols in our heart?

For a man crushes his idols that are false, and searches for the truth, regardless of their grudges in history or subject matter. If history repeats, the acceptance of man is wicked or good, yet the virtues of young a greater - born and unborn. For they were in the stages that are affected by growth of their environment.

I am not telling a man has to be a slave or worship like that of the Hebrews who were forced under the Egyptians and released by the sovereign Lord that hardened Pharaoh's heart. But to acknowledge is to honor or at least understand something was there. The wicked man shall fail at their purpose unless a plan is in due for life itself to make in adjustment. When did wickedness inspire itself to be the saviors or represented of mankind? You had a mix of pure and wicked or those who became opposite of themselves and manipulate truth to history. Hence, the values of crosses or a path of change charges blood to repentance for transgressions. Yet to obey is better than sacrifice. Saul The King when he had the Kingdom taken from him should have realized this when Samuel the Prophet spoke at the time of Agag.

When I state to them life and death as each is not perfect, man is to be perfected. They think as God forming their belief false denying that which is true before them - or aspects of life needing to heal itself for the fellow man. Such was a situation in mankind and sometimes an idol is our greatest want to need.

I defend not heresy of a man that states they give up their faith when some of it is found true of themselves. It is as bad as Judas which there is a difference to the thief on a cross who was forgiven compared to the traitor. As this is a heretic found worse than liars who do not know true respect for others unless life prove its arguments to reason. Such is a logical agnostic and not an atheist who does not know what religion or God is. The details may prove the intellectual but their heart is far from concept of respect.

An atheist is not for, nor against God, but the atheist is not a satanic.
I have as a christian, an atheist in my family, I was once friends with a satanic as well. I was also friends with a mid-eastern man as well though his faith was different in the past.

Life refuses to live by true faith practice applicable and thus applies itself. We are given free will to think on the respects of one another otherwise life serves not its way. God the first is manifest spirit into life.

I refer to Jesus not so as God but a connected to God, yet life would then not have a continuation. Jesus was the payment or sacrifice for sin for which life transgress.

But the Lord, it pleased not life to crush it, compassion and a savior. Yet the world asks for kings and dictators to rule over them to that which is their content.

As this they try to invoke the God, who is indeed slow to anger but divination cannot summon it, to the situation here is the spirit must rest of the first to that of the Christ is indeed risen through history time.

When inquiring of the Lord, if you seek vain it will not regard the prayer but hear it.
God knows violence is not always an answer but rather peace.

The spirit of God will not always strive with mankind, yet the Lord is inside of good and wickedness. I told the Devil and demonic, you cannot destroy the Lord's full memory for you are components of it.

In such, the wicked laugh at death and destruction of others. These have no consideration and therefore are aware and life is without excuse in its created form over that which is justified that of which expand, grow, and heal.

You speak about pro-life or pro-abortion as an example...

One as a man would say they are pro-life, but give the man a child and they treat it worse than a pet which is in-humane to that of women make their own choice but yet why do you think their is abortions is because people decide lets have sex then aboard that naturally get pregnant of a woman.

It is fault of generations to the parents and adaptive carelessness of women to man's lack of consideration for the body to that of nature sees itself as an animal. On the alternate case, misfortune happens to life grants in time.

People dress as they dress sometimes, but base life not on appearance.
God made everything natural to the man. But did not make all technology, works of man, and sickness. The thoughts are divided among the attributes of life and inherent from wisdom and not chaos.

For out of nothingness I suppose or guess came chaos where life had formed of itself. So it is a matter of randomness as stated by another; but then on the contrary, life itself would have to have created life and existed always for it to make life. Thus a being inserted itself into its own creation. Eternally the memory has been scattered for protection.

For this reason, man cannot find God because life persecuted itself for life.
The same goes in order to how the Devil also was prideful of itself to control life.
Immortality is not perfection that brings happiness, and nor is power.
Yet then the purpose would have to do with existence.

The Lord eternal is spirit manifest and not flesh of man.
But the man associates the Lord as relating to flesh before spirit.

Without the Lord there was no Life.
Without the Lord there was no Devil.
Without the Devil there was no World.

Eventually life continues with life and the devil is the ruler of the world by failure of man to acknowledge God's making of beings. But in the alternative it is God who made life to the devil and under with justifiable reason. For life chooses what it chooses.

As a protectorate or one of theories and much, it is not for me to place myself in the place of God or the Devil.

One as me is a Man.

In life I tossed down power for compassion.
Yet in weakness there was strength and love to established mercy.
Others will see the negativity, but there is positive light.
There is an established reason.

"The Lord's thoughts are not man's thoughts and ways are higher than our ways" to that which it created.