President -
Donald John Trump,

As the media hates you and Godlike people.. -
You have shown me courage and morality to the aspects of men and women.

May a worldly leader be blessed by those of a voice.
By decisions hopefully of their people.

You have done well under the councils. For life has taught you to many more of a home and as well as history. When you presented yourself dignified, you acknowledged the Godhead but also a sanctity for human life, which nature and sacrifice have fought against.

Man has made it so people cannot invade or take advantage of to that of found settlement. Defense is a priority of its people.

Abortion truly was an issue in the series of nations. When it involves the rights of mothers as a matter, I have a question about the unborn. Though you acknowledged them, referring to the guardian as a hero. What would be a message to the children of my time, or that generation who sought not? Yet are all considered to be protectorates? What say you to the legality of a woman's thought compared to whom be responsible to undertake? - As a man one must think for the vitality of the womb.

A mother takes the child and cares after it is born, it is true as that of Solomon that the mother who cares for a child is indeed that child's mother.

When Christ was born, the father tried to leave.
You have shown me a younger, relativity to life.

Defend your posterity O leader, as one is a magistrate for you appointed the justices and you have set yourself elected by God as time flowed.

For though they crucify you for scandal, in you I had found none.
God too, shall catch leaders in their craft and observe of his time.

Even one such as a Lord has tested you in his mortality compared to those of the pro-motive of sacrifice who try to abolish the laws of the land and twist it their way.

In such you have done no wrong as they.
For I sought rightly justification for a nation to more.
Indeed the world knows not compared to their manner.

You have shown God and have honored him.
May life have sanity for life and not war among its members.

The roles of law will change due to the corruption of man by liars or known as your opposition to those who do not promote life. Let the right of the sides regard their promise.

But the man stands and realizes who one must call witness of the crime benefactor then so not the one being impeached, your best solution or a question would call the leader to the stand, and the target for whom is the corrupter.

After those who have taken an oath of promise.
There is liberty for the states and a value of freedom.