As I go on, figuring life out one at a time. I learned a LOT of things. I gained new perspectives on certain subjects which had been stagnant my whole life. But now, it feels.. somewhat liberating to finally know that those matters are, in fact, flexible. You don't have to see it from just one point of view. There are literally millions of different perspective on a single matter. And that's one of the ways to understand how the other person's thought process goes on in their head... ultimately accepting them for who they are instead of trying to change who they actually are. Well, you could but.. there are three reasons why I think that's just a vain thing to do. First, people are unique in their own way. Good and bad, that's what makes them, "them". Stop trying to fit anyone into a mold. Be uniquely you *preach*. Second, we really should stop looking for other people's flaw. Seriously. If we could focus that energy onto ourselves instead of others... We'd be our best version and be genuinely happy. Eventually projecting that happiness into the world and I think the world would be a better place. Third, it's better to save that energy and use it for a better cause.. like the ocean cleanup or..brainstorming with a dedicated team to solve global warming. Trust me, there are still people who are in denial of global warming. I'm definitely an advocate for the third reasoning. I mean, there are "real" problems to be addressed in the world.

***I actually made a new year's resolution to write a.k.a. type out my thoughts at least once a week. Because previously, I did it to better my overall use of English. I'm doing it again cause I noticed my brain often run out of English vocabulary to use daily as I've been watching a lot of k-dramas. Can't let this go on, so I'm doing this for me. It may be all over the place but.. it serves the purpose of what I'm trying to better.