The one with the pure orange aura is named Lila. (Lilac) Her causal outfit dons a burnt orange leather jacket, a dark brown top, dark blue jeans, and brown combat boots. She is rather tall and thin. She is of Indian descent, and so has a clear, dark complexion, dark eyes, and black hair that she constantly straightens. Lila is very energetic and outgoing, and is very comfortable in the spotlight.

Lila's story was never fully built on. She is a dancer and an artist, majoring in visual arts at [whatever university the story is set in]. She is rather independent but spends quite a bit of time wasted on searching for companionship... i.e. a boyfriend. Though she is not very good at keeping one. She meets Midori when they become partners for their animation project, and their love story (very) slowly develops. They both do not see the other as someone they'd typically fall for (Midori is younger and also about the same height as her -- yikes for someone who is after the "perfect" boy).

Lila is the same year as Roux and very close friends with him. She is one of the only people that know about his sexuality. However, when prodded to bring a date to the athletic banquet, Lila attends with Roux, posing as his girlfriend. She encourages him to come out, though he insists he isn't ready.

Lila lives in the same residence building as Weiss. They often run into one another in the hallway.

Lila only knows of Cian and Noire through Roux.