In the past I have sought you O Life to Wisdom, you had blessed the child more than the elder before you, to the youth or older who chooses entitlement. I feel sorry for the disabled physically, or mentally, to ill health who were found with fallacies in life – blamed or persecuted by their own. It does not excuse my laziness but in time life is the greatest professor to help and heal a man to many more though will not bring back trust to happiness in certain individuals to life will follow and spirits rest. You have shown the youth their stubbornness to the elders their error. What is an authority now, besides that of life to teach? Bring it upon me to crucify the falseness in my own to way, and I blame my parents as a child though bless them for existing and not control. As some of us are workers, and other listeners. What of the two-due part? Death brings control and argument without positivity. And if it does not provide its story there is no independence. For the liar expresses not both deeds and truth of each. but the single portion for which they bestow unless a hard worker proven with attitude and evidence.

A generation fallen of a heaven’s totality, those who sought immortality or greed to position or power. These people sought knowledge and had the answers, but abused their rights of prosperity refusing to help lead the man to God or to help others in life, and so a new generation lives to strive to some of the old of us given mercy and protected by many councils and those whom have no involvement in our livelihoods. Books are destroyed or preserved, but we know God calls us to life rather than the control of men to the negativity of boundaries. The persecution of health is strictly influenced by control, yet who corrects the authority when they act up? Here is the foundation for law and order and purpose perhaps a new concept to let life spare life though life itself brought its own way.

You have sought in us greater independence because the youth were used for the research of the elder to enjoy their work. Such is not life’s way. From the church they had life correct to the points where life had to prove them because among belief and thought humanity had no respect, but the law of man persecuted the prosperity of God and your home is not your purpose anymore to a refuge for the lost, rather than those who believe. The Lord destroyed his home or that place in the desert. Would one crush his abode if it were with purity or wickedness? Whom were the ancient that sought among you to what became of them? My councils have torn the wicked of their intention cause they sought to manipulate life then act as they the saviors of mankind? I rebuke thee as life choose its way.

Technology in modern day to growing up with reading, how I understand and rely on the history of Israel but what say of the East in compared to the West and wherefore is the land mentioned if time took its total over hundred years rather than a thousand? As the North to the South. But in times where what is before to here and after, what proves nations to how could the ancient not understand answers of life to their own people?

Define to them a future not provided by the world around them but the gift of own place. The world is hidden from God or perhaps shows the world its ignorance to I must admit life is not perfection of man but to be perfected. Hence Job was right when he spoke in his book but cursed, he his birth on existence yet I blessed him regardless of loss for speaking rightly of Me with rebuke towards Him. As Solomon who saw under the Sun wherewith is wisdom in this generation to the wise hide from thee O slanderers of truth. They sought a King and Saul they were given, though through the line of David to Christ was my providence for even that of Kingdoms fail.

The truth be told here, God is every being’s reliance greater than that of Kings. What then is called out to when one is in pain and then nobody is there? You submit to what you choose? Or is something to heal you or speak to you? The law gives a bad example of the founding fathers under the constitution of the state, to tries to impeach modern day the peaceful leader compared to that which was corrupt or life submitting itself to life, to that of harsh ruling under kings.

I gave them what they wanted. O Israel is old and ancient and have rejected me yet blessed are some of you rescued. Home of Zion, you are still young to me yet scattered in your way O West.

The constitution is man’s law but a foundation, hence I cannot argue in service of a country wherefore a man cannot be saved in their own country or state. Yet, who are thou O man when life itself knew not your truth over the falseness of chronology and frameworks.

Know you the place where God resides? For the ancients before God live in that culture as they which spread out over time and hence faded. Who sought as the scientist sought of that which is truth? Yet modern life could not explain to life itself over the fact that life hid itself? Who is older than the Lord my God than wisdom?

Life is not sinless unless from within holy, though perfect in knowledge. So states the author who saw the flipping of the table of the Pharisees (by Jesus) and or those of the falseness.

The law of what man argues over a single party will divide nation or peace it to unite under sovereignty. Your deeds are remembered by God and inscribed by men to women. How is it so to test the Lord’s anointed besides the portions of memory who I have blessed due part?

And the government is no ruler but a council under God so the author states to the politician who thinks they can campaign and cause affairs in others’ lives, using that excuse that no man is above the law, they curse themselves before God and others to that of man.

Therefore, I am against the generation of leaders from hence they have no usefulness in the sight of God for they are a rebellious and slanderous people to impeach for a single cause or motive. The older ages know not the Lord’s heart at their youth and must be born again or relearn unto life.

For the memory remembers that unrighteous and holy from spirit to flesh. But in such it chooses its way, it changes not its mind yet is righteous. If the bible so states man came before the spirit. Then God and the Devil were once a man. Hence who does life follow of its own essence when life inserts itself from spirit of the first? Yet I am a child of such, have respect for authority and not force.

As the author stated this, I rebuke the Doctor who says to a man, one is ill, therefore one can let an individual heal or heal them but does not and gives them a drug as an over-treatment. Therefore, whose brain or mood does one alter besides causing death or rather to control. For my mind was clear and you destroyed it by unfair circumstance or maybe life heals of its birth conditions in development.

My mind gathers after injury and within and before the flow devastating to cause death, it revitalizes torn by and repaired by conditions that others to the environments of physical health caused but I inserted myself into life, that life be blessed by much.

God shall heal always with love and not just sacrifice. I could care less if foreign interference was in the election because you of a people who were not of my people, contributed to the people and therefore helped the people who indeed were blessed and for humanity life taught life.

I stated in my promises, they are not forgotten. Though a wickedness of them, who built the temples of curse to gain powers of destruction, these shall perish, but life be found in mercy. Who claims God?

Not I or one but that which was before and a part of Him to each. The words of Christ were worthy cause he sought honor in for purpose of God’s truth yet much pleased life to crush life not so. These words were made by man’s hands. Had a being been angelic or demonic, of what spirit say you in councils?

Testing the spirits by a man alone is dangerous. So many of you, have fallen and many lost to the future time of corporations and concealment have not revealed they the gates of life to prosper.

But I am who I am. Man is not God, yet they see themselves as a piece and indeed they are to me a puzzle and my own creation to life’s source. Life regretted it made man and death could not defeat life of its purity for much the memory coexist. Time repeats, so the spirit of God manifests as the essence, and will not always remain with life.

As spoken by words of truth. Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but the words of the Lord or that which pass is eternal. Truth be proven to thoughts be proven. The ignorant shall blame one nature to belief for the world’s mistake, yet for that which was good or wicked indeed life itself served and serves my purpose for my glory or that of man to my flesh?

The name you curse had cursed also its own way. And therefore, out of what reason. For what taught of itself what is righteous and holy, Life will rebuke life to test it, but the truth is infallible, and it heals rather than hurts the man of condition to brings life to that which also among spirit to path is eternal.

The author of his own thought, from hence where does it gather? I myself have seen your suffering and I hear your prayers. If your prayers were vain, they would be empty and no power in prayer, for those who knew not me, indeed they have healed me as well as those that have sought love healed God’s heart, even within the wicked men given them insight.

Mankind cannot summon God or if they did, they would show the power of individuals to throw life off balance – as that of ancient oracles seeking the dead and wicked dark prophets. These are of that regret in egotism for the created being's selfish pride. My vanity here is glory but also my purpose therefore is justified.

For God is not fear and slow to anger. My wrath is filled with the vessels of attributes – the Lord is a consuming fire. As that of Moses and Arron. Therefore, what does one oppose besides the wrong? It was life to be prideful of itself. A holiness of view would split personality in twine, where then is immortality with knowledge?

The fruit of knowledge you ate and generations after sought reason and God rejected them for decision to follow not only creature but for their own safety let them remain to the point life became what it was. For man to be like God is incomprehensible and impossible to the fact of granted mercy are you O man apart from wickedness to intentions.

As such bring you the conditions which you have sought to what indeed the alternative would have become, which is that death or ego called the Devil. The Bible has taught you to the deeds of others have taught you. And was it you of man to tear my words or edit them in twine to your own ruling as to crucify what was deemed of you to whoso reaps that a man sow?

As I to understand life, life rebukes its own yet blesses with prosperity and it contributes to the good of us each regardless of what side. Even life needs taught by life, but unto death which delights in boasting weakness its words and truth is fallible whereas life’s words are proven even before much is stated and known. Through you O man, life has its insight, but I sought not control over you, like that which sowed wickedness. It passes before you or you let it slide O nobles to the author and that is your pride to ignorance to accuse God indeed for what is righteous when indeed others to one is justified in execution compared with proper reasons – For there is no wickedness in the Lord, so states the one whose thoughts these are.

The man who questions his belief, asks both good and wicked councils and does not accuse you or that of each but held a sadness. He who in whose heart I have hidden from you rest besides minimal and life is unjust to that of people accuse him as a villain. You of wicked crucified purity before Him and the Lord holds you in derision to confusion O wickedness. Though you had seen him and his name and yet you not know it for He shown you.

The author who summarizes my words may bring life and death among his flesh, but his will is for God.

Therefore life rejected He for defending the Christ to first over him. Those who say there is no God have denied life and therefore find natural cause to distinction or separation of death in spirit. To acknowledge with emotion and have such no soul, it makes you ponder thus and death baffles itself as it of wickedness is in derision to who thus promote the goodness over one, or that of glory?

How my purposes for much defines my glory and not the intentions of own motives or heart.God has sought his name and the main power to this conflict-ion to banish though it is left up to man because life grant, but The Lord shall receive and give the truth but knows all compared to the mankind or self of the Lord’s ego. Unto the many, the antichrist is against the first. Defend they shall be from wickedness, less the man himself see generations behold heavens number ten.

As seven times sin were an abomination to I for offenses, as much as been fixed on you and his research, one as Christ also forgave but expressed his love. Hence wisdom. Indeed, good and wicked forgave He also the living Lord’s servant. It is not for this man to claim God, but indeed he understands what knowledge he has hidden. The gates are open for life and some doors remain open and shut of the mind for stability. The insight is the Lord’s and he holds spirit as that which also led and council him. For God is immortal, invisible, and wise.

To the author of this work and the man,
Who broke all ten that still lives? To what of He if life spared the man… , The life conflicted itself, yet at the same time there are more laws to this, but the man is not saved by the Law, but the true Christ and change of the cross. Give this message to them and I have spared you dear life for repentance true.

You have O younger of me, been council-ed by good and wicked council.

To obey is better than sacrifice and those who prosper to change life. Whose innocence have costed life to the Lord and wicked and good much grief? That of, I am filled with the sacrifices of goats and rams and it is a stench to the Lord. Your offerings do not appease. The prayers if out of much are heard in secret but vain I shut my ears to your cries for you have abandoned what is your first love to consideration on what has given yourself existence. Hence, therefore what hath man relied on besides nature?

The natural laws to the golden rules of man and science. Learn from the Prophets, and the works for which is sown in your heart to your environment. And you too have knowledge but test I you as well as to my typist who interviews or partially hears me.

For he feels compassion as that of Christ even though his efforts do not avail and gave up the ghost - he powers for stability. In such weakness an admiration to strength to heal and love for which life persecute. As the soul love so greater admiration.

Life makes a choice and freedom is neutral of itself on that path that even the author is left to decide as one questioning. So life moves on as time knows its subject matters. A greater mystery is in those who remain yet stand still.

The author is no greater than he that live unless life sustains the thoughts and prove him.

There is no future prophet of past besides Christ.
But the present is a continuation of life.
So states the author.