Sen. Peter Lucido is representative of an ugly fact that exists in our world. It is the year 2020 and there are still a great percentage of men who continue to objectify, devalue and disrespect woman.
Women have become so used to such experiences, they shrug it off, laugh or act as though nothing happened. Outwardly, that is. Inwardly, it is a very different story. Those interactions leave a very negative residue. It feels dirty, humiliating and intensely frustrating. Most often nothing is said or done, because the woman doesn’t want to make a scene, embarrass herself further or expose herself to scrutiny or criticism. There are also instances where she does not want to ruin the reputation of the man who is someone’s husband, father, son or brother, despite it being appropriate. The type of men who behave inappropriately know this. They are predators. They know most women accept the degradation silently, rather than cause harm to those in the “fallout zone”.
Blame is often placed on the woman; “She lied”, “She exaggerated”, “She misunderstood”, “She’s uptight”, “She asked for it”. Its a common tactic. Isn’t the rape victim often in the position of having to prove she was raped, rather than the perpetrator proving he didn’t do it? The answer is, yes.
Many men still think its completely innocent and very funny to frequently insert their sexual innuendos and lewd comments. It isn’t innocent and it isn’t funny. It is disrespectful and indicative of a lack of evolution.
What if it was your wife, daughter, mother or sister being spoken to or treated that way? What example are you setting for your children? The inability to look within and ask oneself these questions suggests a lack of empathy and emotional acuity.

In some ways, not much has changed since the days when women were treated as property and had no rights. Its quite saddening.