The associative problem or solution area here is belief and foundation codes to structure and interpretive of laws to history and society, those of what lessons we do not know, or the fact others think they know everything throughout time, matter and space.

The man can understand everything but not be able to solve every single problem. Because one reads, they associate not to practice. Because one lives, they do not read or translate, to take time to understand and yet they build with intention over that of cure. Combine the two or observe life that proves the prophet, observer or the writer. Unless one had the heart or blessing of the Christlike, anything false or does not come true is not to be believed of him therefore the one is a liar.

The author is no greater than he that creates and expresses individuality for definitive purpose to what is divine or rather one who sees. I will make an oath to life to not persecute with intention the fellow man or that source of life and if so, have repented to the first spirit of what inserts itself into life. A man has the choice to give up power for compassion or exert both. Here with philosophy or critical thinking of ideas one glorifies life over the death one sees in ages. Life is peaceful with mercy and love; death is not as others blame life for being a cruel task master. But the two to me are not perfect yet coexist. If one broke the ten commandments, one dies spiritually or deserves death. Yet life is merciful and has spared many to self and gave the chance to live – both good and wickedness of councils. Therefore, his sacrifice was meaningful, therefore wicked and goodness are sacrificed, but hopefully not by intention but purity. Here we find an answer to the God of Mankind and the Devil. Which one would I choose? Because of mankind’s decision the spirit of God is in those who protect the heart and any man who calls himself the first is a heretic aside from that which proves itself under it as connected to it. Hence if one or the other wanted perfect immortality, there is chaos or power.

Out of the negativity of thought and fear and what is seen as separation there is the Devil as energy to that compared of God in the value of light with life and prosperity to expand and stabilize much. If the devil existed and people choose to serve, so the true be for the true God over all deities. Both forces make what they choose of life or enslave it. But it is ultimately the fusion of the two sources that leads man to be able to distinction between the two and thereby the man is neutral but makes a choice on life on what they support or follow to the idols of one or more hearts.

Crucify the falseness, idols, and consider material not the overall virtue of importance and you have the actual thoughts of God. Maybe not the skill or craft powers. In two-thousand years, people could not answer but they have seen even God the first is a spirit and eternal through time. Rituals or power could result in conflict with the mind, body, and soul and shatter both flesh and spirit. Spirit even has a heart or component that makes it or reborn as long the earth to much remain. The will of God hides from the impurities of thought and righteous is the reason or justification to holiness. There was no wrong intention in its purpose to serve, exist or create therefore making it immortal. The attributes of God live in memory as spirit inserts itself into life to create the flesh that exist in the world to whatever creature of dust life perceived. Where the cross ancient proves spares many to raises life itself in mortality.

"To obey (The Lord) is more honorable than sacrifice." -