The highly unrequested top 10 favorite song playlist for me, myself, and i. I hope you enjoy and find a new favorite of your own. forewarning, i have strange music taste and my genres may jump around quite a bit. ok thanks enjoy!

PS- This is in no particular order, at the time i am making this playlist, i am too tired and the thought of putting these into some sort of countdown order stresses me out. they're all good you guys.

PSS - If you happen to like this list or are interested in some of my favorites in a particular genre, let me know! i'll make more lists. this was really fun to make!

1. Still Feel - Half.Alive

2. Genghis Khan - Miike Snow

3. Without Me - Halsey (Trying Times cover)

4. Black Rose - Volbeat

5. Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine

6. Juicy - Doja Cat

7. Fall Apart - Post Malone

8. Gravel to Tempo - Hayley Kiyoko

9. Ode to the Bouncer - Studio Killers

10. Good Vibes - Chris Janson