since i've felt kind of shitty today i guess thats the time to write in ur journal.
so not to be all flippy-floppy, i kind of don't wanna move in with jacob after all.
i just hate him so bad.
i don't wanna live with that rn. or maybe ever.

just to stray off topic a little bit.. im ******** hungry rn. taco bell is closed so my life is obviously in shambles.

omg to stray off topic again though, i actually apologized to this shitty friend that i used to have.
sure, it was a half assed apology.......
i mean, it was literally a comment under an old pic of us on her old ig saying "im sorry, Lex"
(i know omg so 2020 dramallama )
a part of me thinks knows i only apologized because of all the dirt she has on me, really.
she's the type to ruin ur reputation to somebody that doesn't even know who u r.
Yeah. emotion_donotwant
that type of person
you might be thinking "wait if she's such a bad person why did you apologize?"
well, she's also the type of person that seems to get enjoyment out of being a home wrecker, and apparently even if they're ur friends cuz ******** some guy i had a real big crush on.
after that, i str8 up ghosted that ho outta nowhere.
lots of other things she's done that is (but isn't) worth mentioning.

Anyway, i do feel a lil better that i said sorry to her as it is ******** up to go ghost on anybody without explanation.
But a part of me wishes i hadn't apologized, for i didn't really have anything to be sorry for

i felt kind of depressed today.
such stupid, overwhelming thoughts..
thinking of things that i know i won't feel the same about tomorrow
thats what this journal entry was supposed to be about, but i kind unloaded a whole different clip lol.
the extendo clip.

im feeling a lil more solid now though, hopefully i can sleep tonight.
night gaia_moon