I don't know what to say right now... let alone figure out a title for the journal. Lately, I've been trying to write a book with characters I have made with real stories and everything... but when you write at least 5 chapters in and ask your bf/fiance to look over it and read it to see how it is (for opinion and what not). He stops at page 4 and then doesn't finish... at all. I know he is busy looking for a job at the moment and I can't blame him for it, but I can't sit and wait every time I ask and him reply a certain day and then never ever say anything. I need advice and direction to what I should do... and I started developing a fear that my main character maybe a mary-sue but I'm unsure. I don't find her to be loved by everyone... hell, even the plot point to her is that angels and demons despise her because she exists to begin with... that's already a point off that. second, I don't find her overpowered... yeah sure, hybrid of angel and demon but then again... I would have to see if they have weakness' or not... mainly her not being able to control her demonic half is already on my mind and her angelic half doesn't want anything to do with the other half so it makes things off balance. I guess she can have the usual weakness' that demons have when she loses control. Its almost as thought I took a bit from Terra from Teen Titans. somewhat... but not in that way. I still have lots of thoughts but... I'm currently still on writers block in a chapter and I think I may have fixed it. Let's just hope and see.