Brooklyn (Brooke, B) is the American bionic, but her genetics are of hispanic descent. Her handler encouraged her to learn Spanish to connect with her roots, so she is fluent in English and Spanish.

She basically went to high school as a regular ol american gal. She's a bit overweight -- needed for her bionic ability -- and was picked on a little. But she knows her body needs to be this way so she can save the world, so those bullies don't bother her! She has three close girl friends, though as they graduated high school, those girls found bois and spoke to her a little less often. (She stayed single because she knew she'd relocate for the bionics program soon)

Her main EC was kickboxing. it fit her skills and it was good practice for her to control her ability and fight without using it as an advantage. she was a state champion in her category.

She loves surfing (california girl) but is a little self conscious in a swimsuit. she wears a full body wetsuit while her three friends don cute bikinis.

Her handlers are Dr. (idk), who poses as her father to the rest of society, and Dr.(also idk), who poses as her aunt. She has a pretty good relationship (parent-child I guess) with them.