Ramble about Midori.

Here is the old sketch I did about Midori. I'm really reposting a lot of these, but I feel like these characters have grown enough such that the information isn't as repetitive.

So Midori isn't actually Japanese... I don't really know what nationality I wanted him to be, I think I was aiming for Korean (mi-do-lee as his full name and Midori as his English name) but who knows.

General description: Midori wears a lot of blue, specifically a (dark) blue sweater over a (mid) blue t-shirt, with a (bright) blue collared light shirt-jacket-thing. He has a very average Asian boy bowl cut and brown eyes. He doesn't really like to smile and usually has a very poker-face expression. He's a very calm person who acts well under pressure and refuses to let his emotions rise to the surface. Midori is a computer science major at whatever university the story is set in, but not out of his own choice. He is also an ex- competitive figure skater.

Family: Midori comes from a very typical asian family, and he has an older brother who is incredibly smart and academically successful. At home, they have something called the "Trophy Wall", which is a tall glass cabinet containing all of the awards he and his brother have accumulated over the years. However, his parents do not see his skating metals as "real" awards and only praise his brother's academic achievements. He enrolled in the same major as his older brother hoping that it was doing something "right".

Backstories? : Midori's best friend is also his skating partner. She does not have a name. While they were training in high school, he had a crush on her for a very long time. He was planning to confess at their final competition together (nationals?) and he brought flowers and whatever. they win third, and as Midori reaches to get the flowers, he watches as his skate partner runs into the arms of her boyfriend. He is heartbroken and starts distancing himself from her, but never says anything.
-I also have a scene as they're skating at the competition and he looks into the crowd and sees her whole family, whereas the seats reserved for his family is empty. this causes him to be a little bit off in their routine and is what cost them first place in nationals.

Current: Midori is the Blue colour guardian, and is Cian's roommate. He is also in the same animation class as Lila and is her partner for the short film project. Through Cian, Midori meets Weiss, whom he develops a small crush on (spoiler nothing happens lol). He does not get along with Noire for this reason, as Noire is still in pursuit of Weiss.