update: yes, they do date these journal entries automatically lol.
so, jacob got the 2 bedroom house up on the hill by the beach.. beautiful home.
am i that shallow ? will a nice home up on the hill with a 60 seconds drive to the beach make me go back into the same routine?
breakup/makeup/breakup/makeup/breakup/makeup (etc.)
if i can be honest, i feel like i want to move on from this cheating scandal.

i know i know.
we hate a forgiving girlfriend to a cheating boyfriend . rolleyes
BUT (uh oh, heres the "but".. is this journal getting too predictable ?) since we both got the place we dreamed of, i think im willing to hit that restart button and be a real family for the first time since i even found out my son was existent.
even as i typed this, though, i started to feel some rage of how shitty jacob treated me when i was pregnant.
and it wasn't just the cheating that was ********' up.
i do must say that the rage kind of dissolved a lot quicker than usual, and it didn't feel as potent.

Anyway, we got our current dream home on the beach hill.
do i take this opportunity to sit at my moms house being a "bitter baby mama"(yikes)
or do i tell jacob im willing to forgive him and move on if he can stop being such a fukcing' POS boyfriend 3nodding

i felt like this journal entry was all over the place. sorry