Haha, another Pokemon entry?


So, I've had a lot of questions from people asking about my Sword and Shield opinions and to expand on some of them.

The loudest one was how would I have fixed the Wild's Area. I have a lot of ideas, and the biggest fix I could give to the entire pacing of the game?

Easy, make it Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. What do I mean by that? SIMPLE. Have the Wilds Area be Hyrule Field in the middle of the map and each section would lead into another path. They could interchange routes, and have secret paths and a tram system could take you into different cities, and the routes would lead OUT of the fields, possibly having to unlock the paths with certain Pokemon, or they would become unlocked after an event or amount of time.

Specifically like in Majora's Mask, going to Romani Ranch without the powder keg, you only enter on the third and last day. See, If you were going to Stow-on-Side, perhaps there'd be a bolder blocking your way, and you'd need to complete a mission to get through, or have a specific gym badge.

This is why I'm kind of bummed that they've removed the Hidden Move/Ride Pokemon completely. SwSh really show off they have a very necessary function in the Pokemon World and keeping pace in the story. When you unlocked an HM, you could move on in the field. Zelda is like this, too. You get the hookshot, you go to the Forest Temple. You get the Hover Boots? Complete the Shadow Temple. It sectors off the game in a way so that when you don't have free roam, it doesn't suddenly go all on rails and you get whiplash.

Feel free to disagree with me, too! I just find it very difficult to justify the removal of HM's when we see now that they actually played a specific part in progression. Blocking off parts of maps that would allow us to get to new areas and items was important, instead of just giving us a bike upgrade at the end of gym challenge. Maybe they were trying to get away from that, which is fine, but GameFreak also kind of shot themselves in the foot since it seems that they are trying to change how the story of Pokemon moves forward but this wasn't the way to do it.

Next. Rose is nothing like Lysandre!
My main and only argument is that they both were victims of circumstance, Rose less so, but still. Rose hoarded Wishing Stars and forced Pokemon to Dynamax and Lysandre stole electricity, pokemon and pokeballs. They were both highly revered and people loved them very dearly. They both have a close relationship with the Champion. The main difference between both these men is time. Lysandre was young, and his resources and charity were abused and exploited, so he became belligerent and angry when he realized how much people were wasting, leading to the realization that resources weren't infinite, and very much driven to madness for his love of Pokemon and his country.

Rose, on the other hand, he had everything, very clearly supported the entire Galar region and he's older, and wiser and found a way for resources to be shared evenly.
So his super ******** stupid motivation was that in a thousand years, Galar was going to run out of power and he needed to rectify the situation right this very instant when I was fighting the Champion. Wow. It's shockingly dumb. Assuming that Galar is even going to be there, you're potentially killing people for hypotheticals. Now, while Lysandre launched the weapon, Rose launched the Darkest Day. Lysandre used Xerneas/Yveltal and Rose used Eternatus.

What would Rose have done if he found out that power was running out in ten years? Or the next year? He went so far for an issue that we can't even fathom as a society, and he nearly jump-started Armageddon for the idea of preservation. And I commend Rose for turning himself in at the end, a chance that Lysandre never had (arguably he wouldn't even take) but still, time was their only enemy. Who's to say Rose wouldn't have become filled with madness on a much more violent scale had he realized the wishing stars weren't enough?

I was too hard on Hop. Yes. You fight this idiot TEN TIMES in the game. That's more than any other rival, ON TOP of the fact you fight Marnie and Bede, overall, there's TWENTY RIVAL BATTLES IN THIS SHORT a** GAME. The differences between battles were barely noticeable, so I was very annoyed with everyone by the end. Compare to XY, there's only 12 rival battles between FOUR rivals. Say what you want about XY, the pacing was -chef's kiss-.

This is something I didn't touch on in my last review but Game Freak regrets introducing Mega Evolution. And all I can wonder is why? Getting down to it, comparing both phenomenons, there's not much difference between them. So I really wonder why GameFreak is so adamant to hate everything that came out in Gen VI.

My biggest issues that the Dynamax/Gigantimax forms are nice, but they essentially function EXACTLY the same as Mega Evolution. Every Pokemon can Dynamax, and some have unique forms, which is Gigantimax'd Pokemon. Cool. Mega evolutions were better. If a Pokemon Mega Evolved, they were stronger and their evolution lasted until they were knocked out. Dynamaxing lasts three turns and then you get small... and nothing really changes? Half the time, I never even bother Gigantimaxing mainly because the animations take so ******** long it's exhausting, I destroy most Dynamaxed Pokemon in two turns as a smol bean anyway, so Dynamaxing is exactly what I feared, it's just for show. Like I get that Dynamaxing is GameFreak's way of combining Mega Evolution and Z-Moves, but why denounce mega evolution like that when Dynamaxing is just the diet version of it? I personally preferred Mega Evolution specifically because the activation animation is about 5 seconds shorter.

A lot of people agreed with me about the league. ******** not having a unique uniform, ******** no Elite Four, ******** the version specific leaders. Dumb.

Now, now, now. The DLC. This is PERFECT. I don't understand how people can be angry, HOW. WHY ARE YOU ANGRY? DO YOU NOT REALIZE THIS IS BETTER YOU ******** FOOLS? Alright, since people are determined to be mad over nothing, let's explain everything here. The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra are the new DLC added at 30$. (40 CAD) FOR BOTH. BOTH ARE 30. That's fifteen bucks each. Also, when the updates go live, about 200 will be added. Which brings the entire total to 680 pokemon. At this point, we're just missing about 210 Pokemon, most of them being of Legendary and Mythical status. Also, you don't NEED to buy the DLC, Pokemon Home will be functional and YOU CAN TRANSFER YOUR OWN.

This is so much better than adding another entry at 60$. I really disliked USUM, I thought Sun and Moon should have had Star and been done with it, the post game was cool but overall the changes to the story left me very frustrated.

Also, to be more specific about the Natdex and why I didn't give a ********, did you know that 128 Pokemon were missing in XY that you had to transfer AND Pokemon Bank wasn't introduced for sometime, and no one ******** cared? They waited until Pokemon Bank was available.
244 Pokemon missing in ORAS. 419 Pokemon were missing in SM and 246 were missing in USUM. Y'all are children.

I've seen the argument that SwSh wasn't worth the price tag, because it didn't have enough content. Well, I guess Red Dead Redemption II, The Witcher 3, Breath of the Wild and GTA V should be about 300$ a pop since the content in those games can span hundreds of hours on a single playthrough. Also, every single indie game, every COD, all the mass effects and s**t should be 10$ since they can all be completed in under ten hours.

Do you see how ******** stupid this argument is? Content doesn't regulate prices. That's why DLC became a thing in the first ******** place. Price is regulated by cartridge and CD manufacturing. Indie games are cheaper and specialized games are priced higher (the 3DS did this a lot) but it means nothing. You could argue that every single console release wasn't worth the price since the handheld versions always had more content, but the price to create were always higher, not to mention 3D models.

Truthfully, getting angry at everything is exhausting, and now everyone is mad because Byleth is in Smash and come on guys, lol, games aren't tailor made for individuals, the whole point is the experience. Sakurai likes Fire Emblem, so, we get what he likes. He gets the final say, he's out in years and years of effort for Smash Ultimate and I think he can do whatever the ******** he wants. If he wants to put in Snuffet #3 from Super Mario RPG, suck it up. If he wants to add a Goomba, them's the breaks.

No matter the property, it's not yours. You can't police content you didn't create. You can't gatekeep s**t you didn't add anything to. These franchises and characters belong to their creators and we're just simple admirers. We buy these games, we make that conscious effort, but getting upset that people purchased a product and then denouncing every single thing about it just makes you seem combative and aggressive over something that doesn't affect you in the long run.

How about we take a step back in 2020, and instead of being antagonistic towards s**t, how about you chill tf out. I don't get infuriated at games like some people do, I do get upset at poor design choices and taking advantage of developers. The game industry is more polarizing than ever and it's not over violence, I think that's the most shocking part.

Also, I'm sorry I put a most anticipated list, both FFVII and Cyberpunk 2077 have been delayed AGAIN and I'm sure I jinxed it. omg. They're going to be dead on arrival at this point. So, uh, sorry if you were waiting for these games.