This list is to be continued

The effects able to be duplicated by this technology are as follows:

Moving of objects (Bobbing or shaking included)

Knocking, taps, on the windows and walls
shakes on the foundation of the floor

Foul Smells

Sense of severe dizziness or disorientation

Frequent headaches

Aching of the eyes and sockets
Aching when moving eyes around.
Random pain.

Sensitivity to light

Heart and chest pain.

Memory loss or inability to think (that feels almost like a blockage)
Inability to concentrate or pay attention.

Impaired or obstructed vision
(Blue dots lines or colorful patterns, that appear for no reason
or shadows that move at the corner of your eye)

Pain at the joints (between fingers, knees)
sudden shocking like pain at the nerve ends

Vowel movements (1 & 2)

Difficulty waking up
feelings of grogginess (feeling lethargic)
feeling sleepy

Increase or decrease of appetite.

Hearing voices.
Humming or High pitch sounds
In between song patterns and during loud noises
(Around engines or machines, air conditioning)

Seeing thought like images
like an idea (some people call it visions)

Loud startling noises when falling asleep.

Sexual Arousment.

Sudden emotional swings
Sudden Anger, Anxiety, and Sadness

Flickering of lights
Electronics that power on and off
Interference in microphone devices of computer or phon