Wheeeeeelp, so we are only 15 days into this new year and I've already killed my journal streak, even though yesterday I literally told (bird-flight human) that my new year's resolution was to keep up this stupid journal. anyways.

speeding through 316 cuz idk what's happening and it's giving me flashbacks of 216. i better do better (lol) in this class than 216 or else b i g r i p to my gpa. in other news i had milk with milk tea powder and it was like creamy bbt without the pearls. amazing. also today in 412 i finally decided I was gonna take notes in the tiny notebook because honestly lined paper isn't working for me. also in 334 we talked more about modes of operation of mosfets and it was giving me flashbacks of 331. which was fine tbh.

in other other news i cooked more rice and i will eat them with the shitton of vegetables i bought. i should have bought more tofu (riperoni) and i will try out that crispy tofu recipe i found on the internet because it looks pretty good and honestly i'm kind of sick of eating chmiken all the time.