She got into my computer again without visiting Gaia, so she didn't breach my computer through Gaia. But, she is someone on Gaia.

I came back to my computer to a weird Gaia account logged in.
So, I checked my account.
She had changed my shirt from the one that matches to a red one with golden dragons on it that looked bad so it'd be red to be more like Nightcrawler.
Then, I saw that she was RPing on my account, using my Yari character, but with him based off Nightcrawler & Azazel, her crushes; and, a very screwed up, bad trope version of Mai that I'm surprised was still Navajo.

No one RPs with her. Probably because she's really bad at stories, and characters, and because she plagiarizes.
She saw that I was publicly invited to RP.
So, she logged into my account, and RPed as me, using my Yari self, and one of my love interest concepts, Mai.

I had to explain the situation to the RP host. -_-

Now, I'm afraid that if I RP that she'll take it over.

But, Gaia is no longer off limits, because it's not how she hacks me.

She also had my account claiming that I'm in Mesa, Arizona. WTF?