Busy. Wish I had more time off. Exhausted. Sleepy.
Anyway, that's about it. Thought it would be good to do another entry before 2020.

Had some miso soup and rice earlier. Was alright and put something in my stomach. I also have some fruit-flavored candy. Dunno what it says cause it's in Japanese and I'm too lazy at the moment to translate it. It had some fruit pictures on the front though and the candies are color-coded.

To my left I have some roasted rice tea. And now it's gone.

Anyway, that's about it. To whoever is ready; Please enjoy yourself and try to be happy. When times are tough and everything seems gloomy, try to plan and prepare for a better future. While that is just one option, there are a lot more. I would give better examples but ya know.

Bye for now.

To m: Hang in there.