1. They associate unalike traits with eachother. For example, they might claim in insinuation that having gray eyes makes them either Athena, or Sherlock Holmes. "I have gray eyes like Athena, therefore I am a genius, Athena's own equal." Or, another great example is, "My skin is like porcelain, my hair like gold, therefore I am valuable. And, my mother gave this to me, therefore it's precious like a gifted valuable."
2. They quote others. Even if they tell you it's a quote, why are they memorizing it for later usage of some kind that rewards them? They will not be mentioning that it's a quote, or from whom, to everyone else. Repeating a quote doesn't reward you unless you get credit for it.
3. They prefer education to reward only blind mimicry so they can get good grades. They have no interest in comprehension, or original work.
4. They think memorizing words is brilliant, but that doing the work to discover, or realize something is stupid, and perhaps impossible.
5. They don't believe in original work to what they're taught in blind memorization. They don't believe in discoverers, or realizers.
6. They are thieves. Thief Warning Signs