Plot Outline:
Mieszko goes through gender reassignment, and changes his name to Mieszko Piotr Boski.
Mieszko buys a Megamillions lottery ticket.
Mieszko goes to the school on January 1st, as a student.
Mieszko wins the lottery on the second day at school.
Mieszko is given custody of Aramis from Abrial from nowhere, because she saw that he won the lottery.
Abrial has the paternity test faked as positive.

Mieszko's roommate goes through gender reassignment.
Mieszko's roommate goes to the school, as a student.

Abrial abducts the discarded Aramis from Remy's biological family.
Abrial plans, and prepares to claim that she, and Remy are Aramis' biological parents.
Abrial sees Mieszko won the lottery, and that he looks like Aramis.
Abrial instead claims Mieszko is the father, giving Mieszko custody.
Abrial fakes Mieszko's paternity test as positive.

-January 1st, 2021, daylight out
-Mieszko: 34yo, but 18yoae. Male. 5' 2" tall. 105 lb.s. A golden bob. Melanin-void skin. Gray irises. A square face. Inch-long fingernails. A black, ribbed tank top. Black, skinny jeans. Black & white, skater shoes.
-Stella: 57yo, but 20yoae. Female. 5' 4" tall. 240 lb.s. A feathered, platinum blond bob. Normal, European skin. Light blue irises. A square face. A black, short-sleeved T-shirt with a cat picture on it. Black jeans. White, ankle socks. Black shoes.
*Mieszko is hanging his clothes in his dorm closet in the Xavier School. - His mother, Stella, is hooking up his computer, printer, and scanner on a desk. - There's a jungle camouflage flannel shirt on the back of the office chair. There's a multi-orange, turquoise, white, and near-black brown, medallion-adorned bedding set on Mieszko's XL twin, along with a large, turquoise teddy bear with brown, almond eyes, and a brown, cowboy hat that's removable. There's a second XL twin bed, computer desk, and office chair in the bedroom, and two closets, and a bathroom. There's no sign of a roommate to use the second set of furniture.
*Kurt follows another student, aged 19, into the bedroom, carrying a dufflebag on his shoulder. He's short, too.
*Kurt sets the dufflebag down, then sits at Mieszko's computer, turning it on, and logging in.
*Kurt: "If you develop feelings, let me know, so I can change your room."
*The roommate laughs.

-January 2nd, 2021, morning
*Kurt hears a scream from Mieszko's room.
*Kurt teleports to behind Mieszko.
*Mieszko is holding a lottery ticket (Megamillions), "I won! I won! I won!" His computer's on, on a lottery website to read the last draw.
*Kurt: "You should be more responsible vith your money."
*Mieszko's roommate: "Any man would have screamed."
*Mieszko laughs.

-January 3rd, 2021, morning.
*Mieszko is in bed.
*His phone rings.
*Mieszko sleepily answers the phone, "Hello?"
*A man speaks, "Abrial LeBeau is giving you custody of your son. Her reason is that she's ill-off financially, and you're wealthy."
*Mieszko laughs at that it's a LeBeau.
*Mieszko: "I demand a paternity test."
*In a neighboring bedroom, Kurt sits on his knees facing a wall vent, listening to the conversation. - The man speaks again, "He looks just like you, but you have a right to a paternity test."
*Mieszko: "Remy, hang up the phone."
*Kurt: "That's not Mister LeBeau."
*The man on the phone responds, "I'll see you soon, Mister Boski."
*Mieszko looks at the phone, because the man hung up.

-Aramis: 2yo. Male. Small. Thin. A golden bob. Melanin-void skin. Red irises, and black sclera. A black, ribbed, tank top. Jungle camouflage, cargo pants.
*The man from on the phone takes Aramis to Mieszko's room, carrying a dufflebag, and a diaper bag, following Charles. They stop outside the open door. - Mieszko's still in bed.
*Charles: "Mister LeBeau will want to see him."
*The social worker: "Wake up, Mister Boski. Your son is here." - Aramis is drinking from an apple juice box.
*Kurt takes Aramis' hand, and starts leading him away, "I promise I'll bring him back."

*Kurt holds Aramis upside down at Remy. - Remy walks by Aramis, looking at him with a smile.
*Remy tickles Aramis' feet.