Today marks the culmination of 3 years of hard work.
Today I approved the last final to get my system analyst certificate, and man does it feel good.

Bonus point for being the only one in my class that graduated, while having reached the end going every day and to every class (some people were able to skip classes due to coming from other schools or similar).

Some of my schoolmates were really smart and were likely candidates to graduate, but some were burnt out (badly in one case) or were not able to plan their time between personal time, work time, and school time.

One of my bosses said that I had a great tenacity (in general) and I think its true. I may not be good are something, but I will try my best to reach the goal (like fishing trophies!).

True, due to my programming background I had some advantage on one of the critical classes, but it still was hard nonetheless.

But! I still have 2 more years. I plan to continue and get my engineer degree.
It will only get harder... but I will try anyway.