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Dream Journal As it states, I will be posting my dreams here for fun. Feel free to comment your dreams!

Quiet Snowstorm
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In most cases, when I do dream, I'll have a few that night. Or day, since I usually sleep in the morning to the afternoon.

My husband and I were in a helicopter - I don't know why or how, as he's never flown anything but had it all down and I'm terrified of flying. But we landed outside my parent's house, the one I grew up in. I stayed in my seat while he got out. We were picking someone up, I think, but I don't know who.

My cousin was there though she was young, no older than fourteen, which is six years younger than she is right now, and she reached in and messed with the very simple driving tools, a steering wheel and what looked like a long parking brake. She pulled the parking brake which made the on-helicopter rotate backward, which is impossible on the ground, of course, so she tried to fix it by putting it back and accidentally shoved way too far.

It started going forward and I clenched my body, preparing to die, tightly closing my eyes and waiting for the blades to connect with the ground or something and make the whole thing explode. Somehow, it was lying on the bubble-glass front but the blades weren't hitting anything; despite once being in a seatbelt, I was now on the window, screaming my guts out but unable to hear myself over the machine. I could hear my cousin screaming for me though, repeating my name, banging on the side window. My husband was there, absolutely clueless as to what to do, looking like he was in shock. My body felt hot against the window, it was getting hotter and hotter as it was malfunctioning from the position it was in.

Then I woke up and, weirdly, kind of convulsed? Not like a seizure, but like a fish out of water, my form bending forward and then back quickly, twice, one-second pause, then twice again.

Went to the bathroom, went back to sleep.

My next dream was longer so it's hard to recall, the earliest I remember is my husband was trying to do some scheme. Maybe rob a bank, maybe he was on the lamb already, I don't know. But I was waiting on the corner, talking to someone, a partner but I never saw their face or anything (because, if you read my previous entry, most of my dreams are third-person; I was looking at myself and the other person was out of frame), asking where my husband was because he was late. As if on cue, the hospital that we were standing near, an ambulance launched out of and bounced on the road as it drove off down a wavy road-hill like in Sonic Adventure 2. I was like, "There he is."

It skipped and I was home, for some reason living with my parents and waiting for my husband to come home, growing increasingly worried something happened to him. My mom then blamed me for a very high electric bill and said I didn't do anything to help her out (no one did, but I took her words personally) and stormed off. Because I was so worried about my love, I began crying and waiting by the window, just watching outside. Finally, I heard the helicopter (again, helicopters?), and bolted outside into the rain in my pajamas.

I'm yelling at him, "What took you so long?" I'd like to point out I willingly did not go with him, even though that wasn't ever shown, I was consciously aware I choose not to go into a helicopter because I was too afraid, probably from my last dream. Anyway, he was like "I had to show him the buck." Me, confused, was like "What buck?" In my head, I'm thinking of a big buck statue and... I guess I knew what he was talking about because he pointed and said, "that buck," and I said, "yeah, I know, but I meant why?" And then the dream ended. The person he had to show was his boss, by the way, a person I never met but I visualized his face when he said show him the buck.

I had one more dream after this about my roommate eating all of the fifteen stir fry cups we had left while I was asleep. Thankfully that dream was not real.

The end.

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