Hey Gaia,

Recently, I was browsing the internet and something came up that reminded me of my time on here. When I was last online, I was still a kid, not knowing anything about the world and pretending to be more grown up than I was.

I've had good and bad times on Gaia, been taken advantage of by older people, learned a lot about social interaction, and I spent a LOT of time in the roleplay forums. It seems weird to say but my time here really helped shape me as a person.

I appreciate the time I spent with everyone in the Assassins Sanctuary and especially the patience of my seniors such as Sheggorath, who was patient to the end and respectful as an adult to a minor. I was extremely immature during childhood and looking back on it is embarrassing but fun. I really enjoyed letting loose and roleplay let me explore the ins and outs of being a person.

Now I'm no longer a child, I'm 24, have a kid of my own, and a husband who loves me dearly. I work full time and go to college full time and I've finally gotten my plans for life sorted out. I'm pursuing a degree in Marine Biology and hope to focus on invertebrates. The ever changing field of marine science holds a lot of potential and I'm excited to be a part of it.

I apologize for anything my past self has put forth to hurt anyone as well. I was emotionally volatile and for a while was suffering through an abusive situation at home. Many of my outbursts came from unresolved trauma during that time.

I might log on every once and a while and look around at the place that gave me so much joy as a kid, but times are busy so I may drift away again.

Thanks for keeping my head above the water, and giving me a place to escape to when I needed it most. I'm doing fine now and if anyone needs to see this, I'll put it here:

Your past and present self does not define who you may be in the future. With every breath is the potential for change and even if you feel like dying, as I did, just to make it stop, there is still a chance for you. Be as patient as you can and get out, Build a healthy support system. Avoid cults and research red flag behavior so you don't get trapped again. Get a job and squirrel away money and someday you may have the opportunity to grow and cope with your past as I did. Look into getting therapy after you get out of where you are at. It helps.

Just like the ocean, your future is changing.

Once again thanks guys for being a rock in the storm, providing a getaway, and being patient with children. The community I dedicated several years on here to really is the best.