She's talking to meh again!! I thought she'd hate me forever to be honest.. I guess years away was what she needed? Noted, if she hates you just wait 10 ******** years and she'll be over your dumb a** mistakes and be kind enough to talk to you.. and she doesn't look like she aged either.. Like me really, I dont age much.. She still has my Nny shirt which is a surprise, then again she loved Nny just as much as i do so no secret hidden love there... I wish... Slow and steady Z, maybe in time she'll want to see us... Me.... WHATEVER... Umm, I kinda forgot to add, I GOT SOME p***y FOR STEALIN THE MONKEY, STEALIN THE LITTLE MONKEY!!! *Cough cough* so yeah, no matter how down you are remember that time fixes all... Fo real... FOR ******** REAL....... Tee hee..