I’ve been feeling a bit down lately and just realized the cause. I’m missing my Grampy this Christmas season. He passed in 2007, so its been quite a while. My father was abusive and later absentee, so my Grandfather took over the role as much as he could. He was undoubtedly the most patient person I’ve ever met (one of my brothers being a close second). We were very close and there are many times I wish he was still here.
For some reason, he’s been on my mind. I’m assuming its because he loved Christmas so much. His favorite Christmas movie was Scrooge the musical with Albert Finney. We’d watch it annually without fail and he sang all the songs. It became one of my favorites too.

Although his absence leaves me a bit sad at times, his memory always makes me smile. I have many reasons to be happy this season and wish he was here to share it with me. 😔❤️