so i'm sitting here in the living room, doing online classes, when i smell this.. citrusy smell. a fake one. ew.
and it dawns on me.. my mother is in the garage spraying the new car's interior with "scotchgard"... and she has not shut the kitchen door to the garage so the smell is coming in.

i have asthma. and basically all aerosols bother me.

so i get up to tell her to stop or shut the door (yeah the door was wide open). but i see her spraying an aerosol toward the open door, not inside the car.

and i'm like freaking A. why? why would you be spraying all willynilly into the open air? and toward the open door?

yes. she sprayed scotchgard. and then she proceeded to try to cover it up with an air freshener.



why would you cover one aerosol with another?!

it's raining and cold outside. so she couldn't open the garage door (tho you should spray such things outside or at least with the big garage door open).
would my mother wait til a better day to spray the stuff to protect all our lungs from aerosol evil?
she probably never even thought to open the big garage door.
and if i do it now, she'll be even more pissed at me than when i complained to her about her actions in the first place.
so instead i'm sitting here in the living room with the window open, shivering. hoping that the little bit of air from there is better than being in the closed house with this evil.