You do not have to...
*Put Up
*Take Down
...Your hair.

Your hair is yours.

You do not have to wear...
*Shapewear (Bras, Girdles, Corsets, & So On)
*Revealing Clothes
*Conservative Clothes
*Certain Colors
*Only Colors
*Only Black/Gray/White
*High Heels
*Low Heels
*Shoe Inserts
*A Lack Of Jewelry
*Hair Care Items (F.E. Ponytail Holders, Hair Clips, Scrunchies, & So On)
*Fake Nails
*Colored Contacts

What you do, or don't put on your body is supposed to be yours to control, as long as your private parts, and underwear thereover are covered.

And, there shouldn't be laws dictating that you have to wear clothes, because it is supposed to be your own body to cover, or not cover. We should be equal to animals.

You do not have to...
*Not Exercise
*Not Diet
*Know Martial Arts
*Not Know Martial Arts
*Know How To Dance
*Not Know How To Dance
*Sit Up Straight
*Stand Up Straight
*And, So On

It's your body.

When someone else tries to control these things about you, they are believing you to be their slave.
And, when they're giving you unrealistic expectations, they're enslaving you further by how much time, effort, money you have to commit to meet their expectations.
It's abuse.
It defies our natural rights.