Whenever someone thinks an individual, or maybe even an entire group to which the individual belongs, such as a gender group, an age group, a race, or an ethnicity is enslaved, they think they have no right to anger. They will either overtly, or covertly express this every time they witness the individual, and perhaps others in the targeted group are angry.

This often happens about sadness, too. In this case, they think they've a right to force the targeted individual, or group to pretend they're happy in subjugation.
This one is a form of abuse that's to hide the social, or lawful crimes of other abuses.
For example, an abusive parent might beat their child for crying, pouting, sniveling, or so on until the child is too afraid of reprimanding to express that emotion, so that the child isn't displaying that s/he is abused, so other people won't notice.

Please, feel free to express when others have hurt you if you know they did it on purpose, and to express when something's wrong.
Then, please, feel free to discuss the issue with others when they want to help.
This is an important part of getting help. You need this. Everyone needs this. Anyone can be hurt, or need help. It does not make you inferior, and no one should be hurting you over it. It shouldn't be seen by your loved ones as a time of weakness to attack you during. And, you won't know if someone's like this until you try to reach out.
If no one knows that something's wrong, they can't help, or save you. That's why you were taught not to express the need.
If you have been hurt in this way, you need to unlearn what the abusers taught you.