The main host of the dream we're in keeps stealing holograms from Nightcrawler, and others, and placing them on victims. So, how do you know if you're one of those victims?

1. It might be being controlled by another person. If your appearance doesn't match real gravity, real odds, real hygiene, real eating habits, etc. it's a hologram. For example, an envious attacker might be plaguing you with ugliness.
2. It can change unrealistically. For example, the nose might unexpectedly grow to twice it's size. Or, a sleeve might suddenly flash from up your arm securely to hanging onto your hand. (I experience both ways of manipulating my self, clothes, and environment regularly.)
3. What you feel of yourself might be different from what you see. For example, my nose feels Asian to my hand, but she shows me a Roman nose in reflection, and photos.
4. Clothing sizes are too inconsistent. For example, because I'm small, she keeps editing clothes to fit me that don't. And, her editing is very inconsistent. Both the fatness-intended-for, and the height-intended-for vary dramatically within one size of clothes, even from the same store, and by the same brand.
5. You might have an item that you're not allowed to live without. A watch. Glasses. Smartphone. Purse. Etc.
6. You see CG.
7. You're clearly CG.
8. You're clearly photoshopped. If not when you initially see yourself, then in reflection, and/or photos. You might look back at your photos, seeing that someone photoshopped them somehow.
9. You might see the hologram glitch. Mine once glitched, and showed that I'm dark blue under it. My skin is slightly lighter than the navy of my avatar.
10. You might have anatomy, behavior, sexual orientation, etc. of the opposite sex from what your hologram tries to fake you as. (Yes, she does put opposite sex holograms, too.)
11. You might sometimes experience sudden vision impairments, whether lastingly, or temporarily while you're looking at something/someone, or watching something/someone, or while reading something.
12. Not everyone believes in explanations you're given about these. f.e. Many think it's a myth that clothing sizes dramatically vary per size.
13. You might find that someone keeps breaking items that are always on/by/around you, like smartphones, glasses, watches, etc. They're trying to free you from the hologram.

She steals, and uses more technology on us than holograms.
Memory Replacers. (Pay attention to your dreams within the dream. Sometimes they're telling you what really happened, such as you removing a hologram watch.)

Personally, all of these are happening to me. And, she abuses me physically, psychically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and sexually all.
This woman looks up about abuses, and crimes TO DO IT!
She thinks that if she only does it via her mind, such as in a dream, that she'll get away with it legally, and socially.