Our host is defying random chance in luck, and defying statistical norms in the environment. We are in a dream right now.

In reality, all forms of amorality are much less common.
How do I know?
1. People fight amorality actively throughout existence. And, the majority should be winning.
2. You have to have specific astrology (universe coding) to be amoral in any way, and it must exist for each way you're amoral. The astrology for most amorality only occurs once a year, or less. It is thus very uncommon to be amoral. Amorality is an uncommon, negative mutation.
3. The more intelligent you are, the less you can be amoral, because amorality is a wrong path that leads to shorter, more miserable lives. And, the more intelligent you are: the more you win, the longer you live to be a majority group, and the more you reproduce to be a majority group. Look at the dream environment. It's mostly stupid, amoral people everywhere.

Things are also too cheap. The prices on things can't support the lives of those selling it.
And, luck is always too good for some (whom are always amoral), and too bad for others (whom are always innocent).

"And, one more thing!"
Some bad people don't remotely try, or know how to be attractive, yet they somehow are. It's like they're under a magical spell to look good.
Others, whom are innocent? Often, they experience the opposite magical spell.
(Holograms are everywhere.)

And, another!
Do you always control your actions, or thoughts? Think about it.
Think about it.
Right now.
Think about it.
Because, they're controlling you often.
(She temporarily made this say "thank" instead of "think," as in she wants you to thank her for her making you be stupid, slutty, evil, or so on. Look at your keyboard. A isn't next to I.)