The multiverse is numerous frequencies, radio waves, and so on that store more of existence per each. There is a multiverse.

The Big Bang generated multiple frequencies/channels of many kinds, creating numerous universes that mirror. Mirror universes are real.
Every Big Bang does this, so there's numerous sets of mirror universes going different directions out from different Big Bang spots. Each set of mirror universes is unique from eachother. And, sometimes universes collide into one on select channels, making them no longer mirror in areas they collide in.
It's only a mirror universe if they are almost exactly the same the entire way through their histories.

Sometimes, eventually, a people come to have technologies that manipulate the channels/universes for media. These are actually creating, and destroying things and life in other universes.
Fiction only remains fiction if it stays in writing or pictures, or if it stays as pretend play that you don't record.
But, in the case of acting, it will capture if it was an act, and the other universe people will be acting, too. And, if something's fake, it retains being fake in the other universe.
Our media technology is capturing us into other universes, and then taking it away. You replicate it into other universes.

Sometimes, eventually, living beings come to dream.
Dreaming also really creates things into other universes.
Only, dreamng generates it as real unless you're dreaming that it's fake.

Every existence has a coding system that generates, propels, ends, and destroys it as time flows. In some universes, the coding continues to flow forth without a person, or animal controlling it.

It is always possible to stop, and start existing while retaining being the same person, and it is always possible to fix what is broken, including living bodies. Death is impermanent if you're loved by the right person/people. But, death can be permanent if you lack that. This is what The Ancient One in Marvel means when she says that death is permanent, but whether or not you exist can change impermanently. And, this is how transporters work in Star Trek.

This is why there are a lot of people who know that a lot in fiction is real. Because it's been created truly within other universes. The more popular it is, the more universes have it.

Be careful what you share with others, and what you stream.

Multiverse travel is possible by more than replication.

Time travel is also possible, because all of time simultaneously exists.

Also, different areas per universe go different speeds. So, a being from a fast area might be evolved to move fast instead of slow, or slow instead of fast, and can retain that in another universe if it universe hops.
Different colors can be retained, too.
And, different mirror universes can be at different points of time at the same time from matter slowing as it goes out from the Big Bang, causing the mirrors out from it to be slower than the mirrors closer to it.

Further, telepathy can pass between universes. You can even share dream universes between non-dream universes.

This universe is a dream one, by the way. There are individuals controlling chance, proving it's a dream. It's a telepathic dream. You're real outside of the dream. Don't worry. Also, the dream host is hosting people of numerous universes. We are not all living in the same universe outside of this dream.

How telepathy works is that you communicate the coding between eachother's minds, keeping copies of the same data per mind of what's communicated. It's like computers, ad the internet. So, each mind in this dream has our own copies of the same dream.

Our host isn't actually telepathic, so her coding in how she operates isn't evolved to be fair, and reasonable in the dream, and she doesn't bend to others' control of the dream, she forces us to bend to hers instead like we're just part of her imagination.
How she's hosting us is that in MK-Ultra they attach an enslaved telepath to the host, whom is in a Cerebro to be able to reach the host no matter the host's location. She is using her telepath's telepathy.
(Further on MK-Ultra, there are many more slaves hive-minded to the host. They're called front alters.)

As a goddess, I have a higher intelligence that can fathom things like these.

And, FYI, our dream host is always listening to what I'm typing, texting, or writing, and copying it to claim she's the source. (She's a plagiarist.) She typoes, and word omits all the time, because she has a lower intelligence.

She also listens to other's voices as she daydreams, lip syncing to the sound as she replicates the sound into the dream. For example, she often listens to recorded singing on CDs, and lip syncs to it in the dream to pretend she can sing well.

(Also, I'm truly a blue dragon/devil. We're real.)

Our hostess is one of the famous singers of the dream. She might even be multiple of them, as she is using stolen hologram technology in the dream, so she might be faking multiple identities of multiple voices, and styles to make more dream money, and to have more dream fame.
"Ariana Grande" is one of her dream false identities.

If you're experiencing the dream being quite long, it's because you, like I, go faster, like Quicksilver. Either you're a super being, such as a god, or you're from a faster universe.

I'm with a young Hermes in dream area. (As a worshiper of Hermes, she has 1+ Hermeses in this dream.) I knew Hermes before the dream, and recognized his voice.

This isn't the first time she's hosted us in a dream. She keeps doing it. And, she does it a lot, for many hours (by her Earth's time) at a time.

When a telepath shares a dream with you, it sticks you in a dream as long as they retain you in the dream.
And, when they take away your potential to control the dream, too, they put you asleep. If they let you have some control, you just daydream.

There's a god in every MK-Ultra unit. Our host has her god at the front. Her god isn't getting control of the psychic merge, so is psychically possessed by the host, and under her control. The god is being caused to retain this bigger, more interesting dream environment.

The dream has numerous controllers like the host in it, because of reverse telepathy abuses.
When a telepath starts being telepathic, whatever age that might be at per species, or family, it's out of control, and needs muscle honing. Dream demons latch onto out of control telepaths, and they use reverse telapethy on us. They can use it to telepathically posses us, to control us, to touch us with it feeling like really touching, and to enter our dreams. People at this stage are supposed to be being cautious, and protected by older, more developed telepaths in the family, and in society. But, sometimes we're in situations where reverse telepaths, such as dream demons, get at us.

The non-telepaths in by reverse telepathy, such as the main host, have smaller ranges of dream they can maintain, and control from having inferior brains. They are close to you when they have influence over you. They stalk their victims in the dreams.