I’d never noticed before
How your eyes are deep for miles, or how the corners wrinkle when you smile.
Or how the wind tousles your splendid hair, the loose strands floating through the air.
How I’d never noted
Your skin is without any faults, and your walk is an entrancing waltz.
That your jaw is so perfectly shaped, or that your arms wrap the ideal embrace.
I’d never truly observed
How your naïve laughter fills the air and nothing could be sweeter or compare
To the way you bow in submissive fealty to the one on high, His royalty.
And above all, I’d never seen
How your glow, that vibrant innocence… is really nothing but detestable arrogance.
The sour taste of apple on my lips, the forms before me have begun to shift.

Things I’d never noticed becoming clear
Like how your hungry eyes are always wandering, that smile a vicious smirk of pondering
What it’d be like to grab a fistful of my hair, force me down and hold me there –
Now it’s so easy to see
Your desire to thirstily trace your hands across my skin, and dream of marking me when
You’ve trapped me up in your embrace and whisked me off to a secluded place.
And how now I understand
That with your god’s permission, you plan to force me into submission.
How my will is something to ignore, because I’m not my own but in fact, I’m yours.

And how naïve I had been not to see All that danger right in front of me.
But if you think that I won’t fight, or dig my nails in with all my might;
That I won’t rip your eyes out from your face, or your other features won’t displace -
You think I’d meekly sit and cry? Dear Adam, you’ll be quite mortified
When my hands tear you apart, and rip out your loathsome chauvinist heart.