Seems that I have always had much to say. It appears that I have always been lost.

I hope that everyone found their truth.

To the ones that have seen through the haze, I encourage you to help others. Especially the little ones who need our perception.

To the ones that are still hurting... I will forever feel regret that I have hurt you in any way. I have told myself that it is all my fault. That everything I've done was to hurt someone. That does not seem logical to me; from where I stand right now. We were young, we were feeling all of the emotions. We were looking for the truth.

We had no idea what kind of capitalism we were living in. I was not looking for the bigger answers. My pyramid was fabricated. Our minds manipulate a great deal of reality.

Thank you for the memories, and I will always think fondly of the good times and will try my best to respect the bad times.