Scruffy little monster goes tap tap tap

Bumble tumble rumble weed boom.

Well, with that nonsense out of the way, how about you take a seat in your mind
and let's talk.

You consoled someone from committing the unspeakable, and they blew up on family
over the phone.

You get a message from your grandmother, and she's mad at you for talking about abuse.

Well sorry if the truth hurts, but I guess you're too afraid to face it.

Of course, now this means that the deadline for staying, just got more tense.

Gotta buckle down, work on important things to make sure you don't end up on the streets again hahahaha....


I really wish there was someone closer, someone that venting would never have to be a thing to worry about.

All these thoughts are driving me mad, I just want to dump them all into space
and forget about em.

I've never been lazy in my life, and yet I've been treated as if I've never done anything, by my own 'family'.... They don't want me anymore.

I guess I just have to make or find a new home.

Giving up isn't something that I can with so much on the line, and what has been lost to get me here.

I can't waste anything.

It's so hard to provide for others, when I can't even survive on my own.

Yeah, that's right... Without my friend, I'd be dead, even now.

I just wish there was someone I could be of use to in my position, but it seems like all I'm able to do, is make pretty things for people... and they keep me afloat.

I just wish I could stop feeling so tired... but this atmosphere.

The world feels so damn heavy.

People shooting and consuming one another, twisted facts turned lies... all for what?

People want power in their mortal existence... killing people under the weight of sloth, thinking themselves to be clever for throwing responsibility onto someone else.

where someone doesn't do their job, someone else has to, until it reaches a point of being too much for someone, taking their life...

The ripples becoming waves of devastation...

where someone's best isn't even enough to fix it.

I will only do what I can, not letting something crush who I really am.

Another Battle approaches.