all this last week i've been busy. sunday i was out. monday i did catering. tuesday i took mom to the doctor and ran errands. wednesday was the one day i did nothing much. thursday... oh i made kimchi. friday my plans were thrown to the wind.

i was going to go grocery shopping friday, but my brother called and said he was coming over to drop off his doggos for us to dogsit. some major miscommunication there. i was told he wasn't coming til saturday, but surprise!
so i couldn't go out since he hung out here until 3ish.. i hate going shopping in the later afternoon on a friday since everyone is getting off work and trying to mad-dash grab groceries for the weekend. so saturday i went grocery shopping with my dad. LOL. he volunteered to go since i needed to practice driving his car. he's owned that car for 6 years now and i've never driven it once. granted. i was gone 2 whole years. lol. i'm very glad i used to drive something a bit bigger than what i drive now, because it felt familiar to my old car. sometimes i miss that car.

ah yes also saturday i was very tired because the chihuahua cried all night til he finally fell asleep at 6am. ><'
he's too sensitive. or stubborn. i dunno which.
he would not sleep in his bed. and my mom had him in her bed and was patting him, holding him, etc. nothing.
he's a turd is all i can say.
so she didn't sleep.
i didn't sleep.
oh and he poops in the house because he is a little dog and he is never on a leash at home (has to be here. no fence) so he won't poop while on a leash outside here.

mom really did a lot this weekend in taking care of them. i almost feel lazy.
usually i am the one taking care of the dogs. so it was nice to not be that person.

i feel a bit... unhappy? put out? i dunno what word to use. with the way my family communicates and also with, like, how much we're presumed upon. or maybe how much i'm presumed upon.
like i'll babysit your kids for days for free. or your dogs. or both.
and since my mom is less active, i end up doing most of the cooking too. so babysitting, cooking, and taking care of the dog(s).

i need to get busy doing anything so i can make excuses.

anyway. i actually signed in to say i'm kind of excited about something for once.
i'm kind of excited for friday. if everything works out, i'm eating dinner with him. ^^