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Goldruk's Treasure
Astrology: Juno (Romantic Partnership)
Your Juno sign is that of your (future) romantic partner's Mars, or Ascendant.
You cannot have a romantic relationship without either his/her Mars, or Ascendant sign being the same as either your Juno, or your Seventh House.
If your partner doesn't match, either your chart, or his/hers is incorrect.

You want it to be your partner's Mars sign as your Juno sign, because if it's his/her Ascendant instead, or is your Seventh House, you will divorce/break up if either you, or s/he goes somewhere that changes his/her Ascendant, or your Seventh House.
(Relocation astrology is real, and the relocation chart fully replaces the natal chart. If you're in an area that needs a relocation chart, your natal chart is completely void.)

Likewise, your Mars, or Ascendant is either his/her Juno sign, or his/her Seventh House, too.
Again, if it doesn't match, one of the two charts is incorrect.
And, again, it is ideal to be your Mars sign, not the Ascendant as his Juno Sign, or travel will break you up.

Anything you read different from this is factually incorrect astrology.

Relations probably can occur with a trine, sextile, or semi-sextile instead of conjunction. But, it'd be a dead end, because it isn't the preferred partner.

The ideal is for each of your Marses to be conjunct eachother's Junos, in the same sign. (If it's conjunct, but in the wrong sign, because it's near a cusp, it still won't be the ideal partner.)
If s/he is trine, sextile, or semi-sextile your Juno instead (or you to his/hers), then that's talking about his/her/your relations with the ideal partner, rather than saying it's him/her/you himself/herself/yourself.

Aspects, such as conjunction, stand up to ten degrees away from eachother.

You do not want a Sun sign to touch a Juno sign. Your Sun is your children, not yourself.
If his/her Juno touches your Sun, s/he will have romantic relations with your child(ren).
If your Juno touches his/her Sun, you will have romantic relations with his/her child(ren).
Avoid this aspect.

Likewise; the Moon is your mother; Saturn is your father; Mercury is your sibling(s),neighbor(s), and mentor(s); and, Uranus is your friend(s). You don't want these planets to positively touch his/her Juno, or your Juno.

If you know someone whose Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury, or Uranus is conjunct your Juno (in the same sign), you should investigate it, see if that relation to that person does end up your spouse.

Why would it end badly if it isn't eachother's Marses conjunct eachother's Junos?
1. A person's Juno is his/her ideal partner. If the sign is off, it's a miss. If the house is off, it's a miss. (Yes, his Mars must also be in the same house (out of your housing) as your Juno.)
2. Why does Ascendant, and Housing work as it does??? Because your Ascendant, and Housing represent the opportunities, and restrictions imposed upon you by location, by the local people. It isn't what you prefer. It's what the locals prefer for you instead. So, being free of those locals can cause a break up, or having the right Marses to Junos in sign, but not House can cause locals to keep you from coupling.

Yes, the locals where you are can, and will influence you.

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    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Sun Nov 17, 2019 @ 05:50am
    What if your own Juno touches your own Sun?
    Is tat saying the two support eachother???

    commentCommented on: Sun Nov 17, 2019 @ 05:51am
    That says I'm adding you to my ignore list, because you're a bad person.

    Community Member
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