Chapter 8: { wahmbulance }

Sara had to keep her mind on the road as they walked. Ever since she dealt with Miraak finding Words of Power or taking dragons souls effected her differently. She had tried to talk to the Greybeards about it, but they had never heard of such a thing. Plus she left out a few thins because it was just to embarrassing. She had left out that after killing the past Dragonborn had left her and quiet a state. Her leggings were so soaked they had almost froze in the cold. Even now, she was having a hard time, hoping to the Gods she was far enough down wind Farkas didn't notice something was going on with her. Lucky her he hadn't and she just couldn't move fast enough to get back to Whiterun. She was thankful her armor was thick enough so no one could notice she was a bit uncomfortable. She keeps her head down until they reach Jorrvaskr and she sees Vilkas waiting for them. The sun was setting after all as he just stands there, arms crossed. "It's about time, come on.." He turns and runs off to the back. Sara rises her brows but Farkas says nothing as they follow after him. To her surprise, everyone was waiting for them. Those in wolf armor stood at Kodlak's side as he just smiles warmly at her. She stands in the middle as Farkas joins the others of the Circle. Kodlak waits till everyone is settled before speaking out loud. "Brothers and Sisters of the Circle, today we welcome a new soul into our mortal fold. This woman has endured, has challenged and has showed her valor. Who will speak for her?"

Farkas steps up, with a large smile on his face. "I stand witness for the courage of the soul before us." Kodlak nods slightly. "Would you raise your shield in her defense?" "I would stand at her back, that the world might never overtake us." "And would you raise your sword in her honor?" "It stands ready to meet the blood of her foes." "And would you raise a mug in her name?" "I would lead the song in triumph as our mead hall reveled in her stories." Kodlak beams with pride as he turns to the others. "Then this judgment of this Circle is complete. Her heart beats with fury and courage that have united the Companions since the days of the distant green summers. Let it beat with ours, so the mountains may echo and our enemies may tremble at the call." Everyone joined in for the last part. "It shall be so." Soon they all part, even Vilkas steps back as Kodlak approaches her. "Well, girl, you're one of us now. I trust you won't disappoint." He holds out his hand to her. She blinks as she hands over the fragment to him. "I won't, I promise." He nods and soon heads inside with the others to go start the celebration. It wasn't long before it was just her and Vilkas as he quickly finds his way to her side and wraps his arms around her. He sniffs at her and blinks as he looks her over. She blushes as she looks around. "Got somewhere private we can wonder off to?" She wasn't sure just how far she could go right now so he leads her into the hall. She just leans into him as he leads her downstairs. The others just cheer as he glares at them.

He leads her to his room and closes the door. It was a simple space, with a double bed, a bookshelf, a dresser, and some items laying about. She waste no time removing her armor and just leaves it near his desk. She shutters as she tries to ignore just how soaked she was. Vilkas could pick up just how aroused she was. "Are you alright my love?" It was intoxicating, her scent, it was far stronger then before. She gives him a weak nod. "Y-yeah, ever since....I killed Miraak..things have been...different. Word walls, souls, every time I find a new one, it does...these to me now.." She shiver again as she tries to ignore it. "No idea why...tried to ask the Greybeards, but hell how do you even ask such a question?" Not that they would know anyways. They were experts on the Way of the Voice, that was about it. She hears a thunk as he removes his armor just as quickly as she had. Seems it was effecting him as well as he steps closer to her. He breaths her in as he starts to help undress her. "You're the Dragonborn, perhaps it;s just some form of going into heat." He growls out as he strips her bear. It was a good theory, but she doubted it. "Dragons don't breed, they just...kind of exist....but that would answer a few question....and wow I should be asking if you are okay." His eyes were a dark grey now as he picks her up and takes her to his bed.

She holds onto him as he works his way out of his own clothes. It was like watching a cat play with catnip, the man couldn't get enough of her scent. She had to admit, what he was doing, helped. Her body always felt overheated, strange, she didn't like it. But this felt right as he moves her legs up and soon slides himself inside of her. It was so easy, since she was already wet. He pumps hard as she moans out, digging her nails into his shoulders. He bites her neck as he starts a steady pace. The wolf in him was fully aware of her new scent and it was a bit hard keeping it at bay. Her scent had this smoky air to it, and it drove him up the wall. He grips her tightly as he starts to move faster into her. She pants out deeply as her body move against his. It wasn't like they hadn't done this before, but it just felt different somehow. not in a bad way, it was just far more pleasurable. He leaves a mark on her neck, not that she minded all to much. She shutters under him as he changes the angel he was thrusting into her, making her cry out. She just really hoped his walls were thick enough so no one could hear them. Not that they didn't already know what the couple were up to when they saw them go downstairs. Her nails drag down his back as she hits her climax over him hard. The last time she had gone through this, she was on her own. Took her hours to come down from the high. Tonight wouldn't be any different and they go at it for some hours before he hits his release inside of her.

But it wasn't long before they were at it again and for most of the night. It was the early hours of the next morning by the time they fell asleep in one another's arms. But there were no windows down below so it wasn't like they had any idea what time it was. When she woke, she was laying on her side, right next to Vilkas. He to was on his side, his arms wrapped around her tightly. Most of the night had been a blur. Her legs were numb and she could swear she could still feel him inside of her. She moves slowly as she starts to wake up more fully. His eyes open when she starts to move as he lets out a low grunt. He hadn't had a night like that since he was a teen. Even then it wasn't anything like last night. "You're awake...I trust you are unhurt...." He felt a bit guilty for going to rough on her. Though she never did say anything. "I'm fine...sore...but not in a bad way." She chuckles softly as she lays there with him. "Maybe you're right, maybe there's more to this Dragonborn stuff then what they put into books. Imagine putting this in the history books. Dragonborn starts to get horny as a wolf during a full moon if taken enough souls..." Vilkas just smirks at her wit as he tightens his hold on her. "You think that's what it was?" She gives him a small shrug. "I have no idea really, when I killed Miraak. I took all the dragon souls that he had, so who knows how many he killed." It was only a theory at this point, but it was the closest thing she had to an answer at this point.

"You think the other's heard?" She smiles warmly up at him as he nods. "No doubt in my mind they might have, if they were sober enough." She hides her face and lets out a low whine. "Oh Gods..." He just runs his hand over her head lightly as he kisses the top of her head. "You're my wife, they can't really say anything about it." "Won't stop them though. I feel kind of bad for missing the party...but this wins." She was sure no one noticed she hadn't been around. They would drink no matter what was going on. She at least she felt better now, and just hoped the next time she came across a dragon or another wall this wouldn't happen again. One could only hope at least since it was a bit annoying. "Crap I don't have anything to wear and no doubt my pants are still soaked through.." Vilkas gets up and finds her cloths, sure enough she wasn't joking and his eyes get dark again. "Oh don't you think about it." She takes back her pants, she would just have to wear them until she got home to change. "Tilma could wash them for you real quick.." He still had this hungry look to his eyes as she walks up to him and kisses his cheek. "No because then we would just end up back in bed and I'd like to, you know walk once this is over with." He just lets out a pleased growl, but she wins this round by getting dressed and heads out, leaving her armor there for now. Vilkas slowly gets dressed before heading out. He wasn't surprised to see his brother never came to his room.

No doubt he went to the inn to sleep not wanting to hear his brother going at it. He makes his way upstairs to grab some breakfast to see his brother sitting with the others. Farkas just gives his brother a knowing look as he smirks. "Had your own party did you?" Vilkas just sits himself down, the man had a smile a mile long. "Aye, no doubt everyone knows about it.." Aela walks by with a smirk. "The High Elves in Summerset Isle heard you last night." Vilkas growls at her, but she just laughs as she sits next to Skjor. It wasn't long before Sara came back with a new outfit. She wore skin tight doe skin jeans, a simple cream colored tunic, and her old walking books. She takes her seat next to Vilkas as she helps herself to some breakfast. Wasn't long before Kodlak joins them as she hangs her head a bit. But he just places a warm hand on her shoulder, telling her not to worry about a thing. She hadn't had the chance to talk to the old Harbinger. He was a man beyond his years, a long grey beard, and a old leaf tattoo stamped on his cheek. "I was wondering, what happened to Wuuthrad, how did it break?" Kodlak beams at her as he sits back. "No one is sure, it's been in pieces for some time now, I'm surprised you know about the weapon..." She rubs the side of her head. "I got to see it in it's glory, when I went into Shor's Hall. Ysgramor himself greeted me when I went to deal with Alduin."

She had no idea that the other Companions had stopped what they were doing to listen in. "I imagine it was just a projection...I'm not really sure I never got the ask. But the guy was huge, I was honestly surprised how kind he was that an Imperial stepped into a place mostly for Nords." "Sovngarde is a place of hero's lass, no doubt you have long earned your place there." He had a strong voice, which made it hard to argue with the guy. "Tell me, how did you reach Sovngarde?" He was actually curious as to how she managed such a trip. "I had to use a dragon, turns out Alduin was able to get into it through a portal he guarded. An old temple called Skuldafn." The place would stand empty now after she went through it. "I was sent back, thanks to Shor's guardian here I am, in one piece and slightly still thankful I didn't take Alduin's soul." Kodlak could understand that, Alduin was not a normal dragon by any means. It would have no doubt destroyed her or something worse. "That's quite the tale lass, and a fine one at that. I look forward to hearing more about what you've seen." She chuckles softly as she leans back. "If I told you everything, we'd be here all day and then some!" He lets out a hearty laugh, no doubt he would indeed enjoy such a thing. it wasn't long before the other's had set out to go about their work before she turns back to Kodlak. "So, you help raised Farkas and Vilkas, I'd imagine you'd have all kinds of stories about them..."

Vilkas pales as he slowly pulls away. "That's enough of that..." She just gives him this innocent look. "Aww come on, I get to at least get some dirt on you." "No." "But." "No..." He takes her by the hand and gets her onto her feet. "Besides we have work to do.." She turns to Kodlak, whispering to him. "Later..." He winks at her as the two head out to the training yard. But she was feeling restless so the two of them head off to talk a walk, heading up outside of town. It was a lovely day, a new summer evening, a rare treat for so far up north. "I never asked, does the cold bother you?" She wan't really built for the cold, but it didn't seem to slow her down. "Not really, even if I didn't see snow until I was sixteen or so. I had finally went out to Burma, when I finally hit snow I just stood there in awe for hours.." She had found it to be not only beautiful, but peaceful as well. Like she had always belonged there to start with. "I ended up buying a cottage out there, just so I could enjoy the snow whenever I wanted. There's something relaxing about sitting near an open fire while watching the snow fall." Vilkas had to agree with her on that, he found it just as relaxing. "I normally grab a book.." It was his favorite time to read since most people would be to busy inside to need anything done. Once they were alone she rises her brow at him. "So I really can't get any dirt on you?" He lets out a soft growl. "No."

She turns to him, pretending to be hurt. She places her hand over her heart. "Ohhh come now I'm sure you're childhood couldn't be that embarrassing.." He places his hands on his hips as he tries his best to remain as serous as he could. "No and that's final.." She pouts out her lower lip. "Come now it's not like you ran out naked during the day to avoid getting a bath..." He looks at her, surprise written all over his face. It was hard to keep up the tough act against that. "You didn't..." "I did it twice, I was three..." She just chuckles softly as he shakes his head at her. "Or let out the local cattle because I thought they might be board. I was seven. Punched a kid in the stomach because he was trying to tell me girls couldn't fight. I floored him..." He holds up his hand to stop her, now laughing to hard that his wife was mischievous. Yet somehow he could see her doing such a thing. He was no angle, if she asked Farkas he would agree they would indeed get into a lot of trouble. Which ended in spankings and a place in the corner. But he wasn't willing to admit that to her just yet. She lets out a low defeated sigh as she throws up her hands. "Fine, I'll just ask your brother." She smirks as she takes a step back as he tries to stop her. But she was faster then he knew. "Wuld!" With a single Shout, she was gone, with Vilkas running after her quickly.