The desecration of my dead friend's grave.

I remember the day quite well actually. I had gotten into a huge fight and got locked out of my home at the time so I found myself on the open roads of the Los Padres National Forest , my place of solace in these troubled times. I was excited to visit my dead friends, Ruth in particular, we always have a great time together. I had picked several species of mountain wildflowers whilst traversing the forest a week prior and had placed them at her grave marker by the side of the road. So I was quite eager to see the grave and replace the last set of flowers with some simple mountain flowers that I would come across as I traveled deeper into the forest.
However, to my dismay and utter shock. I was not greeted by Ruth's white granite cross and colorful pinwheels, but rather an empty void of dry grass and dirt where her marker had once been. I pulled over and investigated the area. Now the area where Ruth's marker is placed is quite lovely, but it's essentially a box canyon with a tunnel road going though the mountains. Her marker is placed on the lip of a cliff overlooking a gully that's about a 35-50 feet straight down.

And there is where I found here grave marker, at the bottom of a cliff in the mud of a gully. The cross that bared her name had fallen half way and got stuck upon a small rock face. I lamented, I cried hot burning tears of of sorrow and anger. Who would do such a thing and why? I can understand doing it out of hatred, but I'll never really know why, just like I'll never really ever know Ruth. A cyclist passed me by and only said " Respect." Before peeling off and leaving me to contemplate my next actions. I wasn't about to leave her down there. So I climbed down the cliff face like any rational person would do. The small stream made thing difficult at the bottom, the rocks where very slippery and one slip meant I would drop this 50-75 pound slab of granite that was my friend Ruth. I almost slipped several times, I almost lost my footing halfway back up the cliff and almost fell backwards, but with the help of the grave marker I pulled myself as well as the grave back up the cliff and back to where it was placed originally.

I was exhausted after that, my muscles where alight in flame and my eyes where swollen from crying but I had accomplished what I set out to do, pull my friend out of that damn gully so she can rest in peace. I placed the pinwheels I could find back on her grave as well as a wooden cross. that had already been there. I was too exhausted to get the cross but I would have need some actual climbing gear.

I'll return soon and get her cross if her family hasn't already fished it out. Rest in Peace Ruth, you will never be forgotten and cast aside in some damn ditch!