Chapter 7:

Vilkas woke some hours later, unable to sleep thanks to his Beastblood. He sighs softly, looking at his wife. At least she was safe in his arms, still sound asleep. He silently hoped that Kodlak will find a way to cure them of this burden. While Skjor and Aela had learned to accept it, Vilkas felt regret in taking this step in joining the Circle. He lets out another short breath as he decides to just keep his eyes on her for the night. Her skin was lightly tanned, no doubt from the hours she spent traveling. He reaches up slowly as he runs his fingers through her hair. It was soft, and came down past her shoulders. She doesn't seem to notice any of this, at least she was a sound sleeper. She just nuzzles closer to him and he couldn't help but chuckle. He never dreamed of an outcome such as this. Hell he never really pictured getting married to start with. The few women available in Whiterun he just didn't trust that much. Ria was just to innocent for her own good. While Njada was to blunt and willing to start a fight. He got the feeling she didn't prefer men in the slightest. Sara woke with a slight jolt and she jumps, looking around. It takes her a minute before she rubs her eyes. "It's not morning is it?" Vilkas tilts his head at her. "No my love...." He was starting to notice that she was waking up like this rather often. "Something bothering you?" She lets out a deep sigh as she slowly sits up, placing her back against the headboard.

"I don't know, I keep getting these flashes, of my time spent in Apocrypha..." She closes her eyes as she rubs the side of her head. "It's horrible, you'd think a place made out of nothing but books would be a dream come true. But this is Hermaeus Mora we're talking about. Everything about it is just horrifying..." She shakes her head before looking at him. "I never did tell you why I ended up there did I?" He sits up with her, shaking his head. "No." She takes a minute before she tells him everything. "Shortly after I cam back from killing Alduin, a group of cultist started coming after me. Spouting nonsense that I was the false Dragonborn and Miraak was the real Dragonborn..." She lets out a small cough. "They we're wrong turns out Miraak was indeed the first person given the title. He served as a leader of the Dragon Cult and possessed a Dragon Priest Mask called Miraak, given to him by the dragons. At some point, he sought out the teachings of Hermaeus Mora, the Demon of Knowledge, and became his champion. Hermaeus Mora taught Miraak the power to bend the will of dragons. Using this knowledge and his innate ability to devour the souls of dragonkind, he turned on his winged overlords and killed a great number of them." She shakes her head lightly. "Following this, dragons razed his temple in retaliation. Hermaeus Mora protected his new champion, though Miraak became trapped in the Daedric Prince's realm. That's how he managed to stay alive for so long...."

Vilkas had no idea what to say. There had been a Dragonborn around all this time and he had mostly just been hiding in Apocrypha for his own selfish gain. "So how did you get into Apocrypha?" He watches as she bites her lip, nervous. "Mora has a set of Black Books that allow people into his realm. Me mostly I'm guessing since I too am a Dragonborn. So I became his new pet and Miraak was killed before my eyes. A fitting end for that one I think but it's left quite the impression." Vilkas shutters, it didn't sound all that pleasant. "It's strange...the title of Dragonborn has always enlightened the idea of a hero. Miraak was not a hero so I'm slightly glad history skipped over him. I'm still tempted to write a book however on how to not piss off the Daedric prince's..." Vilkas laughs softly at that as he nods. "I'd be happy to read such a book. I think you should, people should be aware of such a history." She goes quiet for a second. "I wonder what people think of me sometimes. I didn't plan on this whole Dragonborn business, but it hold this weight to it." Her eyes go wide as she looks up. "Oh God's I hope no one is writing a book about all the things I've done. I can't imagine seeing my name in history books." Her jaw drops a bit. "That would mean you'd be in there to. The man crazy enough to marry the Dragonborn, how's that sound?" She was laughing at this point, as crazy as it sound it was possible someone out there was writing about how she killed Alduin.

"Oh I didn't think this through did I?" She hangs her head as she runs her fingers through her hair. Vilkas just smiles at her warmly however as he holds her free hand. "I wouldn't worry to much about it. Though I look forward to seeing what they do write." She squeezes his hand lightly before turning to him. "I'm starting to think you are crazy." He leans in and kisses her lightly. "You should try and get some sleep." She sighs, knowing he was right. She lays back down with him, laying her head on his shoulder. She wraps her arm around him as he holds her close. She got some sleep, not a lot, but enough to where it would drag her down. She was ready to go when she hears a knock at her door. She rises her brow and opens it to see that Farkas was waiting for her. She could only imagine just how long he had been waiting. He seemed excited about traveling with her and was failing hard at not showing it. "You ready?" She could see the shine in his, despite of the hard line on his face. "Aye, ready when you are." She bids Vilkas goodbye and heads out with Farkas. The gates that lead outside the town weren't that far from her home. "So where are we heading?" She turns to the large Nord to lead the way. "Dustman's Cairn, it's not far from here." She lets him lead the way as they now made their way over the open plains that surrounded the area. They made sure to not get to close to the Giant's camp that was near by. People had learned to simply leave the large creatures be. They came across a small heard of deer and she watches as Farkas eyes them with a strange hunger.

She takes his arm as she turns his gaze to her. "Did you not eat this morning?" He lets out a low grumble before looking at her. "No...I should have." "Don't worry, leave it to me." She pulls out her bow, watching the deer as she spots a large buck. He seemed aged enough so a well placed arrow shot him down. Farkas watched the whole thing as she walks over to the large buck and pulls out her arrow. "Breakfast is on me this morning." They made it to the lip of the Cairn, setting up a fire not far from the stairs. She cuts up the deer as Farkas gets a fire going. "That was a good shot, I've only seen Aela make a shot like that." She just smiles up at him as she starts to cook some of the meat. "I would hunt for food when I traveled, deer are just as common down south as they are up here." Farkas sits next her her, crossing his legs under him. "The only difference is we get mountain lions, you get Sabre's out here." They start to eat, she hadn't had breakfast either before he came knocking at her door. "Never been down south.." Neither him nor his brother had ever left Skyrim. They never saw a reason to but often planed at some point to travel. "Must be nice.." He really was quiet, when he did speak he kept it short and to the point. "Cyrodiil has it's share of danger. You get Draugr, we have Lich's..." He turns his head at this. "What's that?" She swallows her meal as she takes a minute to find a way to explain what that was. "They used to be mages. See people get it into their heads they can use magic to extend their life. So they use magic, the more magic you use the less your body needs other things like food and such and you become this....undead creature that can use rather powerful magic.."

She had found several books on how it worked, and what was required. It didn't sound worth it in her mind, but some people became addicted to power. "It works, but it turns them into monsters. They forget what made them human in the first place. It's...not as common as it used to be, but it still happens from time to time." Farkas just kept his eyes on her, reading her closely. It wasn't hard for people to pull a fast one on him, but she was telling the truth. He shutters at the thought. Once they were fed and they put out the fire. The left the rest of the deer for the wolves. They made their way down to the tomb and they step into the darkness. Only it wasn't as dark as she thought it would be. Torches were lit and several dead Draugr were laying on the floor. Farkas lets out a low growl as he pulls out his sword. "Someone's been digging here and recently. Tread lightly." She nods as she heads for a table that was in front of them. She picks up a book and even pokes into the chest, not finding much. They move forward as she pulls out her own sword, keeping her eyes open. "Draugr ahead, watch your back. I don't want to have to carry you back to my brother." She smirks at him as she steps forward. sure enough some of the sleeping dustmen start to wake up to them entering the area. She moves fast as she kills a nearby Draugr. Farkas takes care of another one that pulled away from the wall.

She killed three while he killed two. They move forward, the place was dead silent she didn't like it. When it was this quiet, something was going to happen. It wasn't long before they came to an old sight used for sacrificial reasons. Nothing was here save an old enchanting table. The way forward was blocked by a gate. "Look for a lever or switch." Farkas turns to look around the room as she does the same. She spots a small room with a switch. "Found it." She flicks it, and she hears this 'thunk' and she turns to see she was now trapped. "Hey!" Farkas chuckles as he slowly makes his way over to her. "Now look what you did, don't worry I'll get you out..." His smile fades however and she looks up as she hears voices. He pulls out his sword and turns his back to her as a small group enter the room, each holding a silver weapon. Her blood runs cold, these people were hunting him. Only silver could harm a werewolf as they start to surround Farkas. "It's time to die dog!" A large Orc yells as the others keep their eyes on him. Farkas keeps his back turned to Sara as she watches helplessly. "Killing you will make a fine story." A female Redguard spouts out as Farkas drops his sword. "You'll have to live to tell it." He wouldn't be able to fight them all, not the way he was now. So he quickly strips off his armor and starts to shift into his werewolf form. With a Earth shattering howl he tears into the group like they were nothing to him. Once they were all dead the wolf turns to her. She had already seen Vilkas as a werewolf so this didn't surprise her to much. "Be a dear and let me out would you?" The wolf huffs and runs off to where the group had came out of.

She steps back and soon she hears a soft clink and the bars lift back up. Farkas slowly comes back out, rather naked. She turns her head the other way as he slowly gathers his armor. "Hope I didn't scare you." She shakes her head, keeping her eyes up. "No, you did what you had to." She looks back down as she slowly picks up one of the weapons. "Where did they even get these, you can't even find silver up here...." She hears a small whimper and she slowly sets the weapon back down. "Don't worry, I wouldn't hurt you, but who are these people?" He lets out a growl as he kicks at them. "The Silver Hand, they hunt people like us. They've been after us for awhile now..." They sounded a lot like the Dawnguard, hunting creatures that would bring harm to other's. People like these often did more harm then good. "They were waiting, I get the feeling we'll find more of them down here..." Farkas lets out another growl as he look down the hall. "Think they'er after the fragment?" Sara wasn't sure about that, but they were after something. "Let's found out shall we, I'll lead the way..." She takes point, wanting to keep the Nord safe from these people. He was her family now and she wasn't about to let these people try and kill him for just being a werewolf. She was right, the Silver Hand seemed to have taken over the place, but were having trouble dealing with Draugr. "They'er not very organized if they can't handle a bunch of old dusty corpses." Farkas was just enjoying the show really, whatever was still standing, they took care of it. Though he was sure to stay away from the Silver Hand wielding silver weapons.

Nothing seemed to slow them down until he starts to take notice of spider webs. "Frostbite Spiders...they must have a nest." She was not a fan of the large spiders, they were quick and deadly. She spots the large egg sacks and uses a bit of fire to take care of the over grown spiders. Farkas was no where to be seen, but any that got to close to him. He would just yell and hack at them until they were dead. Sara turns to him slowly once all the spiders were dead and twitching. "Not a fan of spiders?" He whimpers and walks over to her, wanting to hide. "No.." She gives him a slight hug and leads him out of the room seeing that he really was scared of the creatures. At some point they stopped running into Silver Hand and just starting dealing with Draugr. However they started coming out less and less as they start to finally reach the end of the tomb. She opens a large door and sees a single room, coffins lined the wall as they slowly walk in. "Oh I don't like this, close the door, I got a bad feeling about this." Farkas closes the door as they head in. The fragment was just laying there on a table, waiting for them. Her eyes turn to the world wall however as it silently calls to her. She makes her way to the wall and places her hand on it. Farkas just watches as something happens and he jumps when her eyes roll back. It doesn't last long and soon she was back to normal. "Ahh, I finally found the last part to my fire shout...." Farkas just looked at her, stunned. He had never seen anything like it.

"Alright, get ready.." Farkas shakes himself out of it as he pulls out his sword. She pulls off the fragment and gets herself ready. Sure enough it wasn't long before she hears the doors to the coffins start to hit the ground. The whole thing had been rigged, if the Silver Hand hadn't gotten to them, the large hoard of Draugr would. But they were both seasoned fighters and could handle them with ease. Those she could deal with, she would just use her new fire shout at them. "YolToorShul!" Farkas had to cover his eyes as the room gets engulfed in powerful flames. They were both tired at this point and were now fighting on fumes. But the last of the Draugr finally fall to their blades as she turns to him. She pulls out a water-skin and takes a long draw out of it. It was empty in seconds before she lets out a cough. "Oh man that was okay?" She turns her eyes to Farkas to make sure he was okay. His armor had kept him safe, he wore the same wolf armor as his brother so it covered him well. "Aye, that was impressive. are you okay?" She looks herself over and smiles. "Still standing, a bit out of breath.." She looks up as she sees a tunnel. "Let's see if that leads out, I don't feel like backtracking." He had to agree as they head up the stairs and follow the tunnel.Sure enough it leads them, right back to were they came in as she slowly turns to him. "I....really hate these places. They always hide the short cuts..." He chuckles deeply, as they walk out they saw the sun was setting. Her eyes go wide, she had no idea it had taken them this long to get through the old tomb. She throws her hands up as she leads the way back home.