I swear some people on here pushing up the prices on some of the items is getting VERY out of hand, and if its not that then its stuff other people can't get into the shops that when you click on it says its not there or not been added on here and that's something I don't understand. Why would you want to rip someone off for? sure I know you have to make platinum on here for buying something and selling it back for a higher price but I swear people stop pushing the prices up on the items! its not one bit cool and if you keep it up you'll be marked and no one will buy you crap on here. if I buy a random gift box for say 20 platinum and open it and get something that's worth 500 platinum, I'll sell it for at least 250 - 350 platinum. see that's fair right? Just whatever I needed to get that off my chest here, ya'll have a great a day Peace Out!