If you ever want to bring out a controlling, vindictive personality type, simply insinuate you're loosing control...or even better, tell people you have no idea what's going on. They'll come running. Because there is nothing they want more than a chance to control you / exert dominance. They are the people that wait for others to fall, that kick people when they're down, and wait for a chance to make themself look better by comparison. Usually because they have nothing left to offer people and therefore make a habit of attacking others for attention.

It's no one's job to change these people. The least you can do is set a positive example, and hope they learn to dig their way out. Eventually they will learn they are wasting their time, digging around in other people's lives, in an attempt to try to make one of their own. What they generally lack is initiative. They become habitually triggered by others actions, anything that could potentially lead to downfall.

As a general rule, just be nice. The nicer you are, and more answers you provide them with, the less interested they will become. They are waiting to find what you have to hide. If you are open, honest, and don't mess with people, they will eventually realize you're not worth their time, and will go looking for another potential victim.

I come from a city full of parasites. People that make their living feeding off others to no end, emotionally and financially. The most important thing to remember js you have NOTHING to worry about, and that your life is NONE of their business. These people dislike others that are honest and hard-working, because they themselves are not. Don't let what isn't your business bother you, and eventually they'll stay out of yours.

(Give them a hug if you can. Cause they probably need one...)