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1. Sainte Ciel: Agape (haircut)

2. Cloak of Invisibility (removes underwear)

3. W’s Sketchbook (hairpins)

4. SDPlus #591 Zombae (skin)

5. Lively Talker (mouth)

6. Schwarzhaus Delta x2 (wings and horns)

7. Filled With Viridescent Stars (background stars)

8. Juicy Sunset Siren (background rocks)

9. More Bare Blessed Arms (arms)

10. I can't EAR you (ears)

11. Touch Frooty Tail (tail)

12. Best Friends for Legs (legs)

13. Refreshing Baggy Bum (leaves in hair)

14. Naturally Yours (hair)

15. Cool Cheeky Gaze (eyes)

16. Sideswept Bangs (bangs)