Chapter 3:

She ended up telling the driver to return to Riften. She followed the mountain pass, not wanting to put the driver in danger. Vilkas had ran out somewhere, and the last thing she wanted was for him to hurt someone thanks to her. However she was aware that hiding in these hills was a Stormcloak camp and she lets out a low sigh. "Well, s**t..." Vilkas had found the camp, however no one was there anymore. The tents were long gone and the fire was nothing more then dead coal. The large wolf sniffs at the burnt wood and lets out a small whimper. It had only been an hour since he took off and already he felt like he missed her. The wolf missed his mate as he sits there in the snow. He was still angry however, assassins were the worse of the worse. They stole the lives of innocent people, for gold. She didn't even seem sorry about it, which only made it worse in his book. The wolf lets out a loud huff as he folds his ears down. It had been a long time since he shifted, so it was going to take awhile to change back. He was about to get up when he hears the crunch of snow. He growls and turns to see her, standing just a few feet behind him. She says nothing as she pulls out her bow, aiming just above him. He lowers his ears against her. Even if he jumped at her, she could blow him away with her Voice. If she was going to kill him, so be it. He remains still as she fires her bow.

He jumps when it hits something behind him and he backs away to see a now dead troll. He hadn't noticed it in his anger, but she saw it. She lowers her bow, keeping her eyes on him. "You're lucky this place is empty, I feared I would have had to do something to stop you." He keeps his ears low as he shows his teeth. She lets out a low sigh at this. "Look I get it you're angry and you got every right to be, at least hear me out?" He lets out a huff as he sits back, licking at his nose. This had to be the oddest thing yest she's done. Dealing with Sinding didn't count, she ended up killing the poor man in the end. "I know how the Companions feel about the Brotherhood. I joined, by mistake." It sounded strange but it was true. "I was in Windhelm when I heard news of a young boy performing the Black Sacrament. What kid does such a thing so I looked into it. Turns out the poor kid had ran away from the orphanage because the woman that ran the place was beating them." She takes a slow deep breath. "Among other....things, what she did puts the Thalmor to shame." She shakes her head slowly. "So I killed her and next thing I know I'm in some run down shack and a chick telling me to rather own up to it, or...die I guess I don't know I didn't really think it through." She turns away for a moment before looking back at him.

It felt really strange to be talking to a wolf. But the man inside could understand her at least. "So I played along, killed people, then out of no where I can hear a dead chick talk to me....don't...ask it's still weird.." She never understood why the Night Mother chose her, but maybe she too like the fact she could control the Dragonborn. "So I admit, I had no real reason for going along with it. But there it is..." She watches him as he seems to think this over in his head. Then his body stats to change and soon his fur had disappeared. It wasn't long before he was standing before her naked as the day he came into this world. He slowly walks up to her, his eyes burning. "So you still work for them?" She shakes her head slowly. "I walked away, after dealing with the Emperor. That was months ago." She watches as he takes a long deep breath before slowly letting it out. "I should turn you in.." It was his job after all, but he couldn't bring himself to see her hang. he hardly knew her but the thought made his heart hurt. "But I won't.." He shakes his head slowly, Gods help him he wasn't sure if he could handle this. He slowly steps closer to her as he slowly places his hand on her neck. "God's help me I won't.." She slowly places her hand on his. "I shouldn't be one to judge, being what I am." He glances down, slightly ashamed he let the Beast take over.

She couldn't help but smile at him. "Considering I Shout at Dragons, I'm not one to judge." He lets out a low gruff at that as he pulls her in and presses his forehead against her's. Even standing in snow his body was warm. Then again he was a Nord and his body was made for this type of weather. "Kodlak is seeking a cure...I don't want this, not anymore..." She pulls him close, she could understand that. "I'll help anyway I can." He takes another deep breath before kissing her lightly. Once they pull away she looks him over. "Where's your armor?" He lets out a small cough. "Back...down the path, won't take long to get it.." She pulls out a cloak out of her bag and wraps it around him as they back track to get his things. Once he was back in his armor they made their way to what was left of Helgen. The once small town was nothing more then burnt wood. Sometimes bandits hid there so she made sure to avoid the place as they start to turn north to Riverwood. Much like Helgen the place was small with only a few houses, a mill, inn, and even a store. It was some time past noon by the time they walked past the small village and made their way to Whiterun. "So.." She turns to Vilkas, he hadn't said much since they found his armor. "This doesn't bother you?" She tilts her head slightly. "What the whole werewolf thing? No...not really, again I talk to dragons, so I'm not one to judge."

He goes quiet again, the man seemed to think things over a lot. As if he was planning everything out in his head. If she can over look him being a werewolf, he would do his best to over look she had been an assassin. Still he felt like he should try and learn more about her if nothing else. "Aside from everything else, what do you do for your free time?" She lets out a small laugh as they cross the open farmland. "I like to read, I do miss book stores, there's none out here." It was the one thing she really came to miss. "I even have a full bookshelf back home, it's stacked, I have so many books." He turns to her slowly, it was the one thing he could enjoy himself. Not many in Jorrvaskr seemed to understand. "Please tell me you like to me get rid of the horde I seem to be collecting for no other reason outside of just because..." He seems to light up as he moves closer to her. "I do, I don't get to enjoy many books often. But I look forward to it." She looks up as they finally seem to make it to the main gates into Whiterun. The guards let them in as they walk past. "Companion....Dragonborn." She just nods to the guards as they wonder into the small town. Whiterun was large but not really large enough to be considered a city. She points out her house, Breezehome before they made their way through the market. After going up several stairs and up a few more they now stood outside Jorrvaskr. The place had been built from the ship Ysgramor himself sailed in. The underside had been turned into the roof and decorated with shields.

He was the first to go in, he had a lot of explaining to do once he entered. He looks up to see that Farkas was waiting for him and gives his brother a large smile. Farkas was just a few inches taller then him and gives him a brotherly hug. "I was wondering what was taking you so..." He stops talking when he sees her. Sara makes her way inside, looking around before laying her eyes on Farkas. Vilkas was right, they were identical, save for a few differences between them. Farkas gives her a sniff before looking at Vilkas. The poor man was trying to figure out what was going on as Vilkas rubs the back of his head. Before he could say anything however Kodlak enters and just smiles warmly. "Ah, I see we have a new face to welcome, I'm Kodlak, Harbinger of the Companions." Sara bows her head to him. "Sara, Dragonborn, Thane, so on and so forth, bluh bluh bluh, I won't bore you with the rest." He just chuckles deeply at this and Farkas lets out a small gasp. "You're the Dragonborn everyone has been talking about. You're a lot shorter then I thought." She narrows her eyes a bit. "Hey I'm not that short, I'm the same height at him." She points to Vilkas. "Still short..." Farkas catches the ring as he turns to his brother and lets out an angry huff. "You got married?" She glances down a bit as poor Vilkas shuffles in place. "We...did, though it wasn't planed."

Farkas throws his hands up. "What do you mean not planned, you plan everything?!" Farkas normally wasn't one for words, but when he got angry, he sure made it known. Kodlak however steps up and takes a gentle hold of the large Nord. "Now now I'm sure they can explain this." He turns his gaze to Vilkas and he only shuffles more. Knowing rather well he was in deep trouble. Sara steps up to face the angry Nord. "It's my fault it was just a spur the moment." She wasn't sure if adding in they had been drunk was wise or not. But she had to tell them something. "We...may not have been thinking clearly..." Farkas lets out another huff. "I would think not!" Kodlak pulls him back just slightly. "What's done is done, though I hope you'll take this seriously." His gaze never left Vilkas and he nods. "Of course." Kodlak seems pleased with this and takes a step back. He nods to Sara and she follows after the man so the brothers could sort this out. Farkas wasn't even sure what to say to his twin. "Just how drunk were you?" Vilkas found it hard to look at his brother. "Enough to agree to marry her...I'm sorry, you couldn't be there. Let alone a warning I wasn't thinking.." Farkas couldn't stay mad however and just punches his brother in the arm. "I won't lie I'm a little jealous, she's..." He couldn't quiet find the words as Vilkas lets out a dreamy sigh. "Beautiful?" Farkas nods at this. "Aye, Dragonborn or no I'm still trying to figure out how she couldn't be spoken for."

Meanwhile Sara got the tour of the place as Kodlak looks her over. "I was always hoping you would find your way here. I wasn't not expecting...well this." She looks down, feeling a bit ashamed. "I am sorry if I caused any problems." He smiles warmly as holds her shoulder. "Oh I imagine those two have long made up by now." Sure enough once they made it back upstairs to the main hall the brothers were laughing and sitting side by side. It wasn't long before the others joined and Kodlak just introduced her as their newest member. Some welcomed her warmly, only Njada didn't really seem to care that much. Skjor didn't seem impressed either but nothing impressed the old warrior. That didn't stop the others from asking a long list of questions. Sara was more then happy to answer all of them, one at a time. Ria, who was new was well sat on the edge of her seat. She was an Imperial as well, but had lived most her life in Skyrim. "So what's it like, the Fighters Guild, is it like this?" Sara nods as she sits back. "We had guild halls all over Cyrodiil, but the jobs were mostly the same. Kill this, save that, protect farmers from bandits." She waves her hand a bit. "The worse were dealing with Minotaur's...those things were such a pain to face off against..." Aela was listening quietly while sitting next to Skjor. The old warrior didn't say a thing but Aela just smirk, knowingly. Torvar, a blond Nord who was normally drunk at this point was surprisingly sober for once. "So you're really the Dragonborn?" Sara nods her head. "I am, I can Shout you into the wall if you like.." He goes pale and quickly hides under the table at Athis laughs. He was the only Dark elf in the group but he had been welcomed in like everyone else.

"It's...still a bit overwhelming, I learned so much as I traveled. From being to breath fire to even calling storms..." She even knew a few simple Shouts, but she rarely used them. "I can hardly sleep at times, when I close my eyes sometimes I feel like I'm flying." Ria lets out a tiny gasp. "You have their memories, what's that like, all those dragons?" Sara gives her a slight smirk. "It's...pure chaos at times, but I think I've got this whole thing figured out. But yes, sometimes I small glances of what some of the dragons did before crossing my path. They'er always very angry that someone like me took them down." A few people cheer and before she knows it someone hands her a bottle of mead. She slowly just passes it to the side. She was going to lay off the drinks for a bit. It wasn't long before the large group shared dinner and even more stories. Before long it grew late and most of everyone had decided to turn in for the night. She even gets a goodnight hug from her new brother-in-law before heading out the door with Vilkas behind her. She leads him to her home and lets him inside. The first floor was a touch small, the kitchen just being a few feet away from the door. However the first thing he sees are the bookshelves and he feels like he just found heaven itself. "You weren't kidding..." She blushes deeply as she smiles. "Mind you, this is only half, you should see my room at the Collage..." His jaw drops a bit as she shows him around. The house had been changed a bit, she wasn't sure who owned the place last but she found she liked it. Downstairs had a area where she could craft her armor and weapons.

Across from that was a spare room that was empty and Vilkas sees a room covered by looked to be a curtain. She pulls it away so he could see it hid a large sized bathing pound. His eyes go wide, he could see the steam coming from the water. "By Ysmir, that's impressive." "Aye tell me about it. I spent a hour in that thing when I found it." They go back upstairs to the second floor that held her room as well as a large bed. She had a habit of moving around a lot so she always made sure to buy a large bed for herself. She removes her armor and places it into a nearby chest for the morning. "You're free to stash your gear in there. There's enough room and I find it easier then to just drop it." He nods and places his armor right next to her's. "This house is something long have you been living here?" She looks up as she starts to remove her pants. "Oh....I moved in right after I came back from High Hrothgar. So almost a year now." He lets out a low sound, all this time and it just seemed like he missed her. Then again it wasn't like she was staying in one place for long. She blinks as he wraps his arms around her. She found herself leaning into him as he just nuzzles into her neck. He had more then enough time now to get to know this woman better. He plants a soft kiss on her skin and she shivers. She got the feeling they wouldn't be sleeping much this night.