I haven't been on this in awhile, but I have definitely changed up a few things. I still don't have any friends. Not here or in real life. My boyfriend and I are still going strong. Its safe to say that we pretty much created a new plan for our future together, and I'm just riding this wave. I always thought I'd be stuck with people who don't care about me, but I met someone just as genuine and honest and real as I can be. I'll admit, finding that special person really is hard, but staying with that person is a privilege. I know better than anyone that risking something so special is STUPID! Everyone talks about how difficult relationships are, but honestly you either want to be in one or you don't. And if you don't, STAY AWAY from the people who are looking because you're only gonna hurt them and be another heartbreak story. And if you do and you really care for that person, you'll do whatever you can to make it work. It'll just come naturally so you don't have to overthink it or feel like things might be one sided, none of that other s**t will matter to you. Aside from meeting the guy of my dreams, I have finally been promoted to manager at my job. Jumping around from job to job is the literal worst, but I think I'm gonna be managing for awhile. Now, work is another thing that people complain about and yes, work can suck really bad balls, but it is what you make it most of the time.

I've decided that I won't have any children since the world is of its nut lately. All this BS with politics and racism and human trafficking. I mean seriously, wtf happened to everything? I blame the internet and all its misinformation. I advise everyone to please check the sources of all the articles you read. Fact check them before you share or repost or retweet. DO NOT just read the title of the article and pass it along, that is literally the problem. A prime example of that is the Anti vax article claiming that vaccines cause Autism. This said article has been debunked multiple times, but since people just read s**t and pass it along, they just believe it. But seriously, if you just believe everything you read on the internet, you probably shouldn't be on the internet lol. There are so many other horrible things going on, but people just make memes to make life "relatable" and "laughable" when there's nothing funny about that s**t.

I'm totally ranting, but I cannot be the only person who notices all the crazy that social media stirs up. Its quite sad.