Name: yona shihoin
Alias: stealth queen, candy girl with attitude
True age: 110
Visual age: 16-21
Birthrate: January 1st
Race: shinigami
Gender: female
Sexual preference: pansexual
Family status: single, Kisuke Urahara( father), Yoruichi Shihoin(mother), Yushiro Shihoin(uncle)
Height: 4' Weight: 90 lbs
Hair color: pale blonde pulled back into ponytail with white ribbon his is also curly
Eye color: sky blue
Skin color: tanned
Scars/ markings/ tattoos: facial tattoos crescent moon on forehead, three stars under the outer corner of each eye, small dots along eyebrows
Health condition:
Likes: sweets especially candy, fun bright colors, parties, combat missions, clear night skies, playing the harp
Dislikes: sour/ spicy foods, heart breakers, slackers, being heavily guarded
Squad/ position
Former squad/ position

Personality: on the surface Yona may seem like a care free girl who is somewhat childish. However even so Yona is not without a temper either. She is most known for unleashing her temper on people who are notorious as heart breakers or bullies as she herself can’t stand the sight of someone causing another person to cry. She heavily believes that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul and making someone cry is the same as cutting their body with a sword. Tears are the blood of the soul in her opinion. Yona likes to have fun but will always insist on getting her duties done first before she goes off to any party or some other event. For Yona she believes that the sooner one completes their duties the more time they'll have to themselves. Yona highly believes in praising people for hard work and achievements and is known to spare no expense on throwing a party for her squad members when someone makes a major accomplishment such as a promotion. Yona is typically formal with people but will often times try to give out nicknames to those closest to her. She has been known on several occasions to call Toshiro Hitsugaya, Toshi for short. Yona has a high level of respect for those around her. And will treat even a newbie squad member with the same respect she treats a captain. Yona believes that she should treat others with the same respect she expects them to treat her with. Even though yona is known to typically be happy and slightly upbeat she herself isn't immune to falling into a depression from time to time. Yona will typically fall into her depressions when those around her sustain heavy injury causing her to believe that it was her fault as she wasn't strong enough to protect them. When this happens Yona is known to take off to her parent’s subterranean training grounds to train and further enhance, hone her skills. The other times when she'll fall into a depression is when she feels like she is being ignored completely.. Whenever this happens Yona is known to go into hiding her cat form within the barracks in an area that no one can reach her in. overall Yona is typically an upbeat care free girl with no grudges towards anyone. That is until you give her a reason for one. Once Yona is enraged she will unleash a wrath that is known to be quiet frightening as she will not hesitate to knock someone on their butt for doing wrong to her or those around her. It is for this reason and Yona’s love of candy that has earned her the alias of candy girl with attitude.

reaistu concealing garter: much like kenpachi’s zarakis eye patch yona wears a garter on her right leg to help conceal her reaistu to a manageable level. this aids yona a lot as she isn’t wasting so much of her own bodies energy in suppressing the huge amount of reaistu she would need to one a regular basis. thus allowing her to fight longer. as she fights as a level of a head captain. it also helps limits the strength of her zanpakutos abilities as well. yona also attaches her lieutenants badge to the garter as well. the father is very frilly made of lace and ribbon,. it was invented by yona’s father kisuke urahara.
Binding: Yona wears binding underneath her uniform as a way to prevent her bust from moving. The binding also helps in prevents her from receiving minor injuries to the chest when in battles and sparring sessions.
Computer: Yona will use her computer for communication between the soul society and realm of the living. This allows for her to keep in touch with her family and provide negotiations between exiled shingami and the soul society. She also utilizes it as a way to send and receive information on certain cases. Yona can run a few experiments on her computer such as analysis but she isn't an inventor scientist like her father.
Weapon sash: yona's sash on her obi is actually more weapon like. It is woven with extremely fine yet durable metal fibers that are light weight and flexible. Yona can utilize the sash for varying things such as blocking attacks and binding enemies. She can also swing it around like a whip weapon as well and can use it to help anchor herself in emergencies.

Abilities/ techniques
Feline Transformation: Yona like her mother possesses the ability to shape shift into a cat. The cat Yona shifts into is a young kitten appearing to be only a few months old. Yona's fur when in kitten form is calico featuring a white belly and patches or orange and black all over her face and back. A small white patch of fur can be seen on Yona’s forehead and the shape it is in is that of a crescent moon. Yona mastered the transformation technique at the age of five. Within the form Yona is able to channel spirit energy, move at great speeds and perform kido. Unlike her mother’s form when Yona switches in and out of hers she will be clothed rather than naked. This however is in fact based upon what she is wearing upon taking the cat form. If Yona is fully clothed when transforming into the form she will then be fully clothed when transforming back and likewise if she is nude. Yona's cat form has a high level of disguise to it. Like her mother’s it changes her voice but rather than deepening hers to sound male Yona’s voice is raised making her sound like a small female child. The crescent moon fur patch is the only indication that the cat is actually Yona.
Child Prodigy:,Yona is a child prodigy. Having mastered her ability to shape shift at the age of five Yona easily excels in learning new techniques. By the time Yona was 10 years old she was already learning how to channel her spirit pressure. She was able to test for entry to the academy which she had passed with the highest scores of her class. When at the young age of 16 yona was already fighting weak hollows in hand to hand combat and defeating them with ease.
Expert Strategist & Tactician: Yona has an incredible amount of both instinct and intuition when it comes to battle. Yona can easily combine the techniques and ability of her own Zanpakutō with the techniques and abilities of others as well. Yona typically utilizes her Zanpakutō’s ability to hide herself as she forces her enemies to fight her clones allowing for her to sit back and watch determining her opponents strengths, weaknesses, movements, and tactics overall allowing her to quickly and effortlessly strike and end her opponent in no time at all. although the clones have significantly weaker reatsu than her. Yona has a high instinct and will end up getting a ‘gut feeling’ about someone or something. The rate at which her feelings are accurate about such a thing is extremely high only having a 10% chance of error. Yona is known to follow through on her feelings and seek out the truth ignoring the risk of being punished for the actions she chooses to take in her search for digging up the truth about something.
Master assassin: Yona is master assassin. Being trained in both stealth/punishment force and having studied ninjustu yona can kill anyone in any way she wants. From the simplest like breaking someones neck to the most brutal like tearing a heart from a chest. Yona is also well adapt at erasing all tracers of herself in connection to her assassinations leave no shred of evidence at all. Yona will only carry out an assassination when given direct orders from central 46 to perform such a job. Her preferred method of killing is to make it seem like nothing more than an untimely and unfortunate accident.
Genius hacker: Yona is highly capable at hacking into networks and accessing files. Being capable of erasing traces of herself yona can do such a thing with no effort what so ever and without leaving any evidence behind that she hacked such things. Yona however will only hack something like the soul society network upon central 46 orders or if she deems it worthy to finding evidence for the current situation. If Yona must delete something on the network database she is through enough to makes sure to erase the same log from the archives its located in.
Calculations expert: Yona is an expert at calculating things. She falls within a 10% window margin of error. This is often seen when in battle as yona can calculate her enemies speed, damage, and even chances for victory. Another time yona uses such an ability is when doing research and analysis for certain situations. as yona cannot decipher her opponents personality she also cannot decipher their fighting style and usually prefers to observe first to get a feel of things.
- Weaknesses though has strong abilities she does however have weakness as well. Yona's general, over all weakness is her rage. Though yona typically doesn't get angry it is dangerous when she does. Typically Yona is known to get enraged in battle when those closest to her are heavily injured and highly threatened. When this happens yona will unleash all of her reiastu going at full strength in battle. She will not stop until her enemies are cut down in defeat. Yona will completely ignore her own bodies injuries and will even risk permanent injury in order to defeat an enemy when fully enraged. She will also disregard her own exhaustion in favor of defeating her enemies when fully enraged as well. It is extremely hard to get yona to calm down once she is upset and the best way to deal with this is to restrain her in a comforting way and simply hold her until she settles down

name: hikari kurai- light dark
design: in its sealed form hikari kurai is typically disguised as a Japanese sun parasol. the hilt of hikari is blue and white and features a dragon on it. The blade of hikari alone is three feet in length a foot shorter than Yona’s height. This causes Yona to wear hikari kurai on her back tucked into her obis.
spirit and world: hikari kurais spirit world is a galaxy full of stars, moon and planets. The stars make up the varying constellation patterns and the moons go through their phases as well.
personality: hikari kurai is a dragon Zanpakutō. Hikari is a female Zanpakutō. She stands at a height of six feet and has golden bronzed skin. Her hair is black and styled in a traditional Japanese style. Hikari kurai has golden eyes that feature a key hole shaped pupil and her skin is speckled with scales that are a galaxy coloration. She wears a short knee length kimono dress that features long kimono sleeves, a train skirt, and a blue night sky galaxy pattern. She wears black okobos and her obi is tied into a bow with a large white ribbon. Hikair kurai wears a jeweled circlet on her head that resembles stars being strewn into her hair. Her dragon wings and tail seem to be made of the light itself. And she has long 'claw’ like fingernails. Hikari has a similar personality to yona except for minor changes. Hikari appears to be more carefree and childish when with yona hikari typically is playful with yona like an older sibling. Hikari is quite wise and fully understands the balance nature requires. When angered hikari is much more feral than yona and is by far more hostile and irrational. Hikari is extremely territorial when it comes to yona and can act overly protective around strangers. If there is a prominent threat towards yona hikari will become so extra protective and territorial of her that she will not let yona out of her arms grasp and will fight the enemy to death. Hikari loves to play and often times takes a tiny dragon form and plays with yona for hours on end. Though hikari does like parties to she prefers the more elegant sophisticated ones.
incantation: shine hikair kurai. when using the incantation yona will hold her sword up and swing it in a crescent shaped motion mimicking the shape of a crescent moon
Shikai Design: when released Hikair Kurai resembles a kaleidoscope key blade. The coloration of the sword is of a galaxy pattern similar to the kimono its spirit wears. The blade of the sword is still three feet in length but had a round appearance. The blades tip is adorned with small whit pearls. Jutting out from the blade are the key’s teeth and they are incredibly sharp. The hilt of the sword keeps its star like guard and the hilt appears to be heart shaped that is divided in half by the grip in the center. At the end of the hilt is a small rounded white jewel.
Shikai Ability: Hikari Kurai is a light/dark element based Zanpakutō. Yona will hold out her Zanpakutō in her left hand perpendicular to her body. With the blade’s edge facing away from her body Yona will place a place open right hand palm against the swords tip and then state The required phrase for releasing hikari kurai is 'let the starts shine’. Being a light/dark based yona easily gain control of both light fractals and shadows. When using the element of light hikari kurai can bend and distort one view of things making things appear, disappear, or become distorted. When utilizing the element of shadows hikari kurai can hide and move within the shadows. Hikari kurai can also create thing from shadows such as clones. The time limit when in shikai for such abilities is five minuets on each each ability.
1 Shadoukuron (Shadow clones): of the special abilities of hikari kurai is to utilize the shadows of the surrounding area in order to create things. One of things Yona can create with this ability is shadow clones. These clones are exact replicas of Yona and mimic her in every way possible right down to spirit pressure. However there is a limit to the number of clones Yona can create especially when in shikai. The number of clones yona can create seems to be at a limit of 15. the clones also have a significantly weaker reaitsu then yona
2 kuresentoburedo (Crescent blade): a technique of Yona’s Zanpakutō. it is similar to ichigos gestuga. When using this technique Yona will make a sweeping motion in the form of a crescent moon. The technique will collect the fractals of light around the blade to create corporeal energy which is then sent flying towards the enemy in the same crescent shape that Yona swung her Zanpakutō. 3
3 Taiyo furea (Solar flare): when using solar flare Yona will hold her sword perpendicular to her body as if releasing shikai. The technique uses the light around an enemy and greatly enhances that light making it extremely bright and blinding the enemy temporarily. When using this technique in bankai the effects are devastating and cause permanent sight damage. As such Yona will warn her comrades in battle to shield their eye sight not look until she gives the clear again. in shikai this technique will only last a minuet in bankai it will last five minuets. (only lasts for up to two comments in rps groups)
4 Sutabasutosutorimu (Starburst stream): This technique is similar to kisuke's nake ability but uses fractals of light around Yona. When using this technique Yona will cross her sword across her body. She will then make a sweeping motion from one side to the other. The burst of light energy will be sent flying towards the enemy in following the movements of Yona’s sword.
5 Ori purizumu kabe (woven-prism wall): yona can bend the light fractals in the air to create prism crystals that she can then manipulate into creating a protective barrier for herself. the trap is durable unless constantly bombarded with kido attacks. but has a short life span of five minuets (two comments in rp groups)
6 Ketsugo hoho o shuen (star binding way): The technique allows Yona to lay five stars on the ground in a star pattern setting up a trap for her opponent. Once the opponent steps into the trap the stars then bend the light fractels in the area creating prism crystals to encase the opponent into the trap. the trap is durable but has a short life span of five minuets (two comments in rp groups)
7 Dorogan no purizumu no hana (Dragon prism flower): When stabbing her opponent Yona can bend the light fractals around the point of impact to create prism crystals that embed themselves into the the opponents injury. the max number of crystals is 25 Purizumu mure (Prism flock): As with many of Yona’s techniques she can end light fractals to create prism crystals. When she swings her sword the crystals will fly at the opponent like daggers. the max number of crystals is 25.
bankai name: ginga no joo(queen of galaxies)
incantation: take to the throne ginga no joo bankai. when stating the incantation yona will swing her sword in a star like pattern Bankai Design: when using bankai Yona will hold her sword in her right hand. She will raise her arm so that it is again perpendicular to her body but the sword will not cross her body the way it does when releasing shikai. Yona will state the phrase 'bankai ginga no joo’ to release bankai.
bankai design: The design of the sword itself won’t change when bankai is used. The bankai has more effects on Yona however as her appearance drastically changes. On the back of each of Yona’s hand a star shaped crystal will appear. These crystals each have an ability of their own, connected to the crystals are 'jewelry claws’ that are incredibly sharp. Her bankai a high regal collar. Yona’s bankai also produces a dragon tail that wraps around her left leg. Her obi changes a massively huge bow that is the size of her body. On the left side of yona’s body are dragon scales with a galaxy look to them. Yona also wears a circlet on her head that resembles strands of stars woven into her hair. She has large dragon wings formed from light fractals Her eyes turn to gold and the pupils shape changes to a key hole shape as they are the same eyes as hikaris.
Bankai Ability: the ability of Yona’s bankai doesn’t change at all but is only greatly enhanced. The time limit is lifted and yona can create anything she desires using both light and shadows. Yona is aso able to weave both the threads of light and threads of shadows together in ways that are beneficial to herself like creating a barrier or surrounding her body to create an impenetrable armor. The techniques of both shikai and bankai are not much different but are drastically increased by 10 fold as such Yona must warn those around her to
1 Dorogan no purizumu no hana (Dragon prism flower): When stabbing her opponent Yona can bend the light fractals around the point of impact to create prism crystals that embed themselves into the the opponents injury. the max number of crystals is 25 and they only last for five mineuts. (two comments in rp groups)
2 kibo suta kou (Wishing star rainfall): this technique is the deadliest of Yona’s techniques. this is also yona's strongest and best technique. that being said yona can only perform the technique twice in a battle. she cannot perform it when extremely weak, tired or injured. It is also a bankai only technique as well. the attack will literally cover a 25 yard area around her in a circle so anyone or anything in that area can will get hit. for this reason yona must warn her comrades before using the technique. The technique creates star shaped shuriken formed from the elements of light and dark. The shuriken are rained down upon enemies within given vicinity. When using the technique Yona will raise her sword tip towards the sky and then bring it down directly in front of herself with the tip facing in the direction of where she wants the attack to strike. This technique has a massive radius of 120 yards outward from Yona in complete circle
3 burakuhoru (Black hole): a bankai only technique. This technique utilizes the crystal on Yona’s left hand for a defensive tactic. When using the technique Yona switches her sword from her left to right hand. She will raise her hand towards the oncoming attack and the crystal will then activate working as a 'vacuum’ to suck in the attack. This technique in particular is best against attacks such as kido's. it can be used against kido/ cero attacks as it would essentially suck in the kido/cero their fairly durable except against direct combat techniques.
4 uzumaki ginga (spiral galaxy): a bankai only technique. It is also a defensive technique. The technique utilizes the crystal on Yona’s right hand. For this reason when using the technique Yona will switch her sword from her right to her left hand. Like black hole Yona will then raise her hand towards the oncoming strike. The crystal will then produce a spiral galaxy that acts as a 'shield’ blocking the attack. This is best used against weapon strikes. it is weak against kido attacks
5 Chitose no purizumu keimusho (Thousand years prism prison):. With it Yona can bend light fractals to create pillars of prism crystals, that she can surround her enemy with essentially trapping and crushing them. The technique is bankai only because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to bend the large number of light fractals to create these pillars and hide the pillars from sight as well.
6 Purizumu doragon senkai teru (Prism Dragon swirling tail):. Yona swings her sword often times in a crescent pattern but sometimes others patterns as well. When doing so the light fractals within a football field radius outwards from Yona with collect and end forming prism crystals that will cover the ground and even extend upward towards the sky. The technique is a bankai only technique. Since it has such a large area of attack and bends a tremendous amount of light as well.
-Weakness: Hikari Kurai has a weakness that falls into two categories. Both types of weakness deal with darkness but it is the level of darkness which effects Hikari Kurai. The first level of darkness is a level of darkness that is similar to a window less room where no light exists but can be reached if there. This level of weakness is easy for Yona to avoid as she always keeps a light source on her such as led jewelry. The second level to Hikari Kurai’s weakness is darkness similar to that of a black hole where no light can escape at all if absorbed. In this case Yona can not prevent it and thus can not use Hikari Kurai’s abilities at all and must resort to using a different fighting style.
-*weakness: when using the techniques black hole and spiral galaxy yona has a weakness with these. not only are they particularly weak against a type of combat skill but, yona can only use one technique at a time. meaning that if she uses black hole she can not simultaneously use spiral galaxy with it and vice versa.
-weakness: yona's special attack wishing star rainfall can only be used once per bankai.

Back story: Yona was born on January first of the year her father kisuke became captain of squad 12. Right from the start it was well known that yona was child prodigy with incredible abilities. Yona would always achieve miles stones like learning to walk about six months ahead of the average person. When yona was only two years old she had somehow managed to master the ability of her families infamous feline transformation. At the age of five yona was able to conceal her reatsu for the most part. At this point yona was all known to be able to slip away from her family without notice. It was on one such day that yona had managed to escape everyone watchful eye, that she had somehow had made it out into the west rukon where she met toshiro. Yona was rather bold upon her introduction to him. Yona unlike other people literally walked right up to toshiro and immediately hugged him proclaiming he looked sad and need one and that she was his friend. From that point on yona and toshiro practically became inseparable as best friends could be. Yona also befriended momo to at this time. Unfortunately when aizen pulled his stunt five years later yona was out and happened to witness the incident. Aizen caught her and then proceeded to attempt to kill he. Fortunately for yona she never witnessed the release of aizens zanpakuto. Miraculously though yona survived the attack. For fear of their daughter’s safety when banished both yoruichi and kisuke took yona with them to the realm of the living to raise her. Yona learned all of the basics of being a shinigami from her parents and the visords. At sixteen yona was able to defeat hollows on her own. Yonna returned to the soul society at the age of eighteen to apply for the academy. Unfortunately yonas return was rather similar to ichigo’s in that she arrived in the soul society in the west rukon in the air no less. When yona fell down she accidentally landed on toshiro. He immediately recognized her and the two rekindled their friendship. Yona passed her entrance exam at the top of her class at that. However because of yona’s skill levels from having trained under her parents the board decided yona was far to advanced and pulled her from the academy after only just six months. Yona was first placed into squad 10 under toshiro in order for him to train her in her shikai and bankai. Yona was able to easily master her shikai and quickly ranked up to third seat. For the most part yona stuck to her duties and ignored aizen. It was after aizen betrayed every one and the Espada showing up that yona accompanied toshiro to the realm of the living. There she continued her banka training. Frustrated that she wasn’t getting any where with her bankai yona stole her father’s invention in order to gain her bankai. She succeeded in this and went back to the soul society to prepare for the Espada invasion. Yona accompanied the captains into battle where she revealed her bankai, putting up a strong fight against aizen and his crew. Because yona had never seen aizen shikai she remained unaffected by it. This became an advantage in that yona was able to see that aizen was using momo. Yona attempted to save momo and stop toshiro but sadly she was only fast enough to push momo out of the way just in the nick of time. Sadly yona suffered being stabbed through the chest by this and suffered severly. Somehow by some miracle yona managed to survive. During the blood war yona allowed her anger to get the better of her. Though she was able to strike down several Quince but again suffered severe injuries that were nearly fatal. Yona once again miraculously survived these injuries as well. After the blood war when soifong left squad two yona took her rightful place as head of the punishment force and became captain of squad two. From there she ranked up to the royal guards as captain of the second division.